Automotive change. All of these aspects are

manufacturing car industry is going through significant transformations and
revolutions. Digitization introduced modern technologies; manufactured products
are expected to produce in an expanding number of variations while the
personnel’s average age is shifted by the demographic change. All of these
aspects are critical drivers for creating workplaces where human and robot work
together which based on the Industry 4.0 concept. On the other hand, the field
of human-robot collaboration has experienced a substantial expansion of
interest in the former years, first from the research community and as well from
the industrial community. The reason lies in key enabling this recent
technology appearing on the market, apparently most importantly a modern
generation of lightweight robots which incorporate different conceptions
(control software or mechatronic design) allow to collaborate with humans while
ensuring a precise level of safety.

beings stand at the center of production. The decisive point is to carry out
open communication and simple integration. A factory staffed by robots alone
will remain a delusion, even in the smart factory. People will continue to be
the fundamental focus. However, robots will make people’s works less
burdensome, will aid people and give them entirely new capabilities.

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