Ute to Krieger-Krause (andmany other East German

Ute Krieger-Krause, born Ute Krause in East Germany in 1965, is a former swimmer who wasunwittingly taking PEDs through East Germany’s “State Plan 14.25,” a plan to make Olympic champions andturn East Germany into a sports power through PEDs. The specific PED administered to Krieger-Krause (andmany other East German athletes) was Oral-Turinabol (Longman, 2004).In 1973, Krieger-Krause began training at a special school for young athletes, where she was given adaily cup of “vitamins” every day after training. According to Krieger-Krause, parents were told not to worry iftheir children told them they were receiving pills, it was just because there “was not enough fresh fruit in theGDR” (Braw, 2016). In addition, the children faced ostracization if they refused to take the pills. By 1977,Krieger-Krause had made it onto the Olympic team. At that point, an extra blue (turquoise) pill was added to herdaily cup of “vitamins,” which quickly produced a physical transformation—her neck, shoulders, and armsbecame incredibly large and muscular. This sudden weight gain caused her to develop bulimia, which did notprevent her further physical growth. At age 16, she quit swimming, but the psychological trauma was permanent.Her bulimia lasted until 2002, and she still battles depression to this day (Brown, 2015).In her personal life, she married Andreas Krieger, formerly shot-putter Heidi Krieger, who was also avictim of the state-sponsored doping initiative. His gender-reassignment surgery was widely covered on Germanmedia and invited a lot of other athletes to speak out about the doping scandal. Together they sued Manfred2Hoeppner, the East German medical director, and Manfred Ewald, president of the East German Olympiccommittee. Both Krieger-Krause and Krieger had shared fear of these two individuals, and also had sharedexperiences about suicide/attempted suicide (Brown, 2015).

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