We’ve this past year. And surprisingly most

heard a lot about UK jazz this past year. And surprisingly most of the noise
has come from South London, where musicians like Yussef Kamaal, Moses Boyd and Tenderlonious
have produced some of this year’s most exciting records. While redefining the
boundaries of jazz, grime and broken beat, they’re also
proving that South London is still a breeding ground for musical
innovation. And in many ways they are capturing a moment in jazz where genre conventions
matter less than organic and focused energy.


influenced by the sounds of UK club culture these artists ain’t playing no
games when it comes to their disparate influences. As into Dizzie Rascal and
Roots Manuva as they are Herbie Hancock and Yussef Lateef, today’s younger
generation of jazz musicians are effortlessly incorporating and amalgamating
the sounds they grew up with. Echoing the drum programming
of grime as well as the experimental spirit of new age jazz they are merging genres
in way that is London to the core. Its been a while since so many jazz artists
have sold out shows across the globe, and the appeal probably
comes from this new wave of energies that’s
capturing peoples attention.  

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