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Xavier R. JoynerMrs. SimpsonMiami Central Ap research27 September 2017Nuclear Fusion is the future Will the power we use in our everyday lives be here forever? In years later we have aprobability of having no power at all. We’re at limited resources to produce the power we use today, such as Fossil fuels which is a nonrenewable source that we can eventually run out of. We may have renewable sources, but they are not as well used as fossil fuel. If no wind blow then there is no wind power, when the sun hides behind the clouds there is not enough solar power for everyone. We use fossil fuels, because they’re cheaper than the renewable source of energy. For example, it cost more money than fossil fuel to make electricity from wind and people don’t want to pay expensive monthly bills. The best option now before we run out of power is to find another energy source. Another way is Nuclear Fusion which is what the sun uses to keep it self-bright. Nuclear Fusion which is also called cold fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come very close and then collide at a very high speed and join to form a new nucleus. Once this reaction happens massive amounts of energy is release given off unlimited clean energy. Doing this form of energy prevents many of our world problems. According to  James 2014 stated,”It is a clean, virtually limitless source of energy, with a high energy density. It has always seemed to be just around the corner, but now it seems that it is really the case. Fusion is entirely possible, being carried out in the stars, and has been achieved in the laboratories(p.4).” Clearly this shows how Nuclear Fusion is such a good option for the future power. This form of power doesn’t require a number of materials to get it generating power but just a gallon of water. Seeing how Nuclear Fusion works gives off better power and will never go away. Furthermore, M (p.1) states,”We will need new energy sources in the coming century to replace petroleum based fuels and possibly all carbon based fuels. Some estimates suggest that petroleum and natural gas reserves will be exhausted in the next 50 years. Coal, tar sand and oil shales may extend the supply of carbon-based fuels to centuries. However, the role of atmospheric carbon dioxide(CO2) in global climate change may preclude continuing use of fossil fuels without sequestration.” Clean and Limitless is what everyone wants the power to be to last forever for the future generation and so on. While Coal, Gas/Oil, Wind, and solar have many disadvantages, Nuclear Fusion don’t have that many disadvantages, while Coal causes air pollution. Even though we have not be able to meet are goal for Nuclear fusion over the past 40 years. There is still hope that we can harness this type of energy. For example, Stephen (p.1) stated, “It is the reaction in which two atoms of hydrogen combine together, or fuse, to form an atom of helium. In the process, some of the mass of the hydrogen is converted into energy. This is a nuclear reaction and results in the release of large amounts of energy”. Even for just a moment of producing a massive amount of energy shows that we can have Nuclear Fusion energy. Its cheap easy power to make for around the world can be are future energy. Focusing on this project can prevent the problem of ever running out of power in the future. If we continue to use the energy we use to today, we will soon run out of those nonrenewable sources. These sources are limited from our environment that harm our land.    In terms of finding a new source of energy will eventually become a main objective in the future. Unless there is some way to make nonrenewable resources renewable, so Nuclear fusion is our option. M and Stephan have provided many reason to turn to Nuclear fusion as our new energy source. M (p.5) states,” Fossil fuels will eventually run out, and it seems that renewable sources can never fully replace them…Fusion would therefore be the answer. It is a clean, virtually limitless source of energy, with a high energy density.” Basically saying this new energy source can promise a bright future for generations. Stephan (p.3) states, ” Practical fusion would be a source of energy that is unlimited, safe, environmentally benign, available to all nations, and not dependent on climate or the whims of weather.” As well here show how fusion can greatly benefit for the future. Being able to create such device will widen our research, also showing how almost anything is possible.    Additionally, this isn’t some idea that was brought up as a joke to think about. There are fusion researchers that have been working on fusion for over approximately 60 years or maybe more. Woloski and Loyn both have mention the production of fusion over the years. As well the history of Nuclear fusion. Andrea (p.2) and Loyn  (p.3-4) list information about how long fusion have been worked on for many years. Other fusion researchers like Allison and Stephen  have showed how nuclear fusion will offset most of the waste that’s produced from our current energy sources. Allison (p.6),” For developed countries, nuclear power can significantly offset carbon dioxide emissions, whereas for developing countries, nuclear power has the potential to electrify the country…” CO2 has been the main factor to global warming for many years, so moving forward producing more CO2 will of course surely have a devastating effect towards everyone. For the safety for life and the planet, we must use this alternative energy source to ensure a safe future for generations to come.    Our energy source will soon deplete, so we must find a new clean energy source for the future. Not only achieving the goal of Nuclear fusion just for a energy source, will also open our eyes and minds of new ideas to what we can do for humanity. It’s a difficult process to complete, but in the end our hardwork will pay off as a milestone step in the technological area and history. With many great researchers in the fusion department, will give everyone hope for this project. Although there are information that refute the idea of Nuclear fusion becoming our new energy source. Some may argue that Nuclear fusion is to advance for the technology that we already understand today. The ideal of Nuclear fusion sounds promising, but there are risk factors that comes with this energy source and some that are obstacle  to maintaining it. James (p.3-4),” However, the major problem with fission is the devastation which it can cause if something is to go wrong.” Clearly, this process is something very dangerous to do that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This scientists not only says that a devastating blow can occur with failure, but another risk factor. James (p.3),” For a start, fissions’ radioactive waste is probably more dangerous than if it were to pump out carbon dioxide. Its radioactive waste will last for many millions of years, and will render the area it is in completely unusable.” There are valid points that was made in this statement about the flaw Nuclear fusion has. Though by using our time, we will be able to eliminate these flaws to put Nuclear fusion back on a promising path. On the other hand, with more time that can be invested in the development of this new energy source will grant a bright future of unlimited clean energy. Stephen (p.3),” …fusion would be a source of energy that is unlimited, safe, environmentally benign, available to all nations, and not dependent on climate or the whims of weather…” This explain why Nuclear fusion can be our next option towards finding a new energy source. With effort many can believe that this process can be completed.Works CitedPye, James. Is nuclear fusion a viable source of future energy?. 2014  Tabak, M. On The Path To Fusion Energy. 2007 Baird, Stephen L. Creating A Star. 2005MacFarlane, Allison. Nuclear power- A Panacea for Future Energy Needs?. 2010Woloski, Andrea. Fuel of the future. 2006Loyn, Christopher. A Global need, a global resource nuclear power and the new millennium. 2011

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