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Events Impacting the NationThe Kansas-Nebraska Act was created by Stephen Douglas in 1854 to split up Nebraska into two states: Nebraska and Kansas. This act pretty much just stated that the people living in the separate territories could make a decision on whether or not they think that slavery should be allowed. As the state of Kansas was made, there was a lot that came with it. It was a huge event considering there was a new state being inducted into the country. Many people had to be all selected into all of the spots of the government into the new state, including many other things. An example of a newly introduced salary to the new state of Kansas is written in the act saying, “The Governor shall receive an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars.” By the territories being split, a lot of people rushed into them causing a bunch of violence. The people with different views all came together and it did not work out good. There was so much going on that neither state became either free or slave. This was a huge event leading up to the Civil War. It was an event that made the Civil War more postponed as well. I think that this event had the most impact on the nation out of the three events that I have chosen. It lead up to the Civil War, which was a huge event in our country involving Americans fighting Americans. The War of 1812, lasting from 1812 to 1814, had many causes, but had a lot to do with developing our country. A few causes of the war include America resenting Britain, the British capturing American ships and gaining sailors in their army, and America thinking that the British were supplying weapons for Native Americans and trying to get them to riot for them. While James Madison was the president of the war during 1812, he states, “British cruisers have been in the continued practice of violating the American flag on the great highway of nations.” There are plenty of great things that came out of this war, and that is what makes me think that this event had the second greatest impact on the nation, out of the three I have chosen. After the War of 1812 America had become more isolated, inspired migration to the west, encouraged the American industry, ended the federalist party, and inspired nationalism all over. The Trail of Tears was a huge event, and probably one of the most important events for Native Americans. In this case, I think that it is the third and least biggest impact on affecting our nation as a whole. This event was also part of Andrew Jackson’s removal policy. The Trail of Tears consisted of the land and water route that was used by the government of the United States. This route was used to move a huge amount of Cherokee Indians from their homes that spread from the east states such as Georgia over to Oklahoma. Over 4,000 of Indians had died in this event. Many of the people traveling had faced starvation and different diseases. The Cherokees were forced to march all of this way without turning back. Private John G. Burnett is known as an explorer who went with the Native Americans and learned all about them, even some of their language. In one of his journal entries he states, “I made the long journey to the west with the Cherokees and did all that a Private soldier could do to alleviate their sufferings.” He was such a good soldier to the Native Americans, and by reading this a reader can tell that he really cares and he really tried his best to help them. The quote also shows that there was plenty of suffering and neglect that had to do with the Trail of Tears. Because of this event, I believe that a lot of people that are part of the Cherokee heritage have been impacted, and it will last for a long time. The Native American families pass down the story every generation and remember what had happened to them, and will probably never forget, especially if they are taught about the event in school.Works Cited:James Madison’s War Message to Congress, 1812. Accessed December 11, 2017. G. Burnett?s Story of the Removal of the Cherokees. Accessed December 11, 2017. of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)

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