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Over the past few years, the modernization of Virtual Reality and the development of technology is going on. This development guide to exposure the business and social use will ultimately have a huge impact on lives of the generations. A graphical 3D image or artificial environment that is created the mixture with of interactive hardware, software. These present to the user in such a way that any doubts are suspended and it is accepted as a real environment in which it is interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way.Augmented reality device market: Augmented reality focuses more on 3D technology that doesn’t require a head-mounted display.Immersive virtual reality device market: VR on the other hand, allows a user to step into a completely different world using headset-like technology.Virtual Reality and its Future:Generally, we all are anxious about every new technology that comes across. Detractor stews that if we expend time to giving attention to that new kind of media or technology rather than talking to each other that is somewhat isolating. But humans are basically social. If a technology doesn’t  help us socially to understand each other better, then we have to catch on and succeed. We could probably go all the way back to the first books. I bet people said ‘why should you read when you could talk to other people?’ The point of reading is that you get extremely sink yourself in a person’s prospect. That same thing with newspapers or phones or TVs. Later on, it will be VR. This is how VR is having a great Future.Virtual Reality A “Platform for Tomorrow”? Our team has a much bigger vision for the technology and its future than simply gaming. They see Oculus as the basis of a new computing, social experience, and communications platform. There will also likely be a range of commercial or enterprise applications. In a detailed manner, it recognizes that Oculus has built a large following among game developers, but they would expand the virtual reality technology into other industries from communications and entertainment to education and media. At the moment, VR technology is taking small steps but momentum is surely building with companies like Facebook, who bought Oculus for $2 billion and Sony getting in on the action.                                 Key Elements of Virtual Reality Experience:Virtual World: A virtual world is a 3D environment that is often, but not necessarily, realized through a medium (i.e. rendering, display, etc.) where one can interact with others and create objects as part of that interaction. In a virtual world, visual perspectives are responsive to changes in movement and interactions mimic those experienced in the real world.Immersion: VR immersion is the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. It encompasses the sense of presence, which is the point where the human brain believes that is somewhere it is really not and is accomplished through purely mental and/or physical means. The state of total immersion exists when enough senses are activated to create the perception of being present in a non-physical world. Two common types of immersion include:Mental Immersion — A deep mental state of engagement, with a suspension of disbelief that one is in a virtual environment.Physical Immersion — Exhibited physical engagement in a virtual environment with a suspension of disbelief that one is in a virtual environment.    3. Sensory Feedback: VR requires as many of our senses as possible to be simulated.  These senses include vision (visual), hearing (aural), touch (haptic), and more. Properly stimulating these sense requires sensory feedback, which is achieved through integrated hardware and software (also known as inputs). Examples of this hardware and inputs are discussed below as key components of a virtual reality system, which include head-mounted displays (HMD), special gloves or hand accessories, and hand controls. 4. Interactivity: To engage with the virtual environment the elements of interaction is crucial for Virtual Reality experiences. If sometimes the virtual Reality environment responds to a user’s action in a natural way, the enthusiasm and senses of immersion will remain. The human brain will quickly notice and the sense of immersion will diminish if the virtual environment can’t respond quickly. Virtual environment responses to interaction can include the way a participant moves around or changes in their viewpoint generally through movements of their head.       Applications of Virtual Reality:In Military: It has been adopted by the military- this includes all three services (Army, Navy and Air Force) where it is used for training purpose. This is particularly useful for training soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous settings where they have to learn how to react in an appropriate manner.In Medical Field: Surgeons now make use of virtual reality to figure out all the positions of unwanted tumors in the body of their patients. This will enable them to determine the best incision positions to be able to remove the tumors without any form of complications. In Movies: A lot of cinemas have adopted VR technology now. They distribute head-mounted display units to all viewers for each movie. When the effect of this unit is combined with powerful speakers that have been scattered all over the hall or theater, it gives serious immersion.  In Real Estate: VR is used to view the plan of a building. This gives a 3D image. What architects and developers do is to upload all the virtual versions of the proposed buildings on their virtual reality database and their prospective clients can view the structures from there. It is just like viewing structures that are yet to be built. In Automobile Manufacturing:  The Ford Car, a popular automobile giant has already embraced virtual reality in the process of manufacturing vehicles. The pattern of any recommended vehicle will be uploaded to the VR platform where various engineers can detect and grab required recommendations before the actual vehicle is manufactured. This saves a lot of money, time and effort.

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