PART by the organization in the professional

A: Ethics, Morals and Values

Our life is defined by
three principles: ‘Morals’ set by society, ‘Values’ defined by individual and
‘Ethics’ set by the workplace. These words are different and are used in
completely different contexts:

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These are broader principles which are basically defined by the society that
the individuals reside in. They are specific to the culture of the society,
religion followed, nature of governance. Now these connotations defined by the
society lay foundation of what the society thinks is right and what actually
distinguishes the wrong doings from the ones defined as right by that society.

are the set of rules, standards, beliefs that are integral part of an
individual’s life at a personal level and these are actually set by the person
himself and which usually sets the paths that he follows while taking

These are the code of conduct set by the organization in the professional or
work context. As per the discussion in the class these are the morals that are
set by the company or the organization that the rules which define actions as
being ethical or unethical based on the set of rules defined.

What is considered to be wrong by the person at individual level might not be
ethically incorrect. For example, a person feels that waking up early is
important and staying in bed till late morning is incorrect. But people who
sleep late aren’t ethically wrong. Society might had once had set morals and
considered animal sacrifice as a good practice but now it is unaccepted and
might be unaccepted as individual values. Eating non-vegetarian food is
considered to be morally incorrect by certain sects of society but isn’t
ethically incorrect. Also, the ethics followed are different for different
organizations and sects. For example, the ethics defined for lawyer profession
are very different from the ethics to be followed for doctor profession.

These terms are interlinked in the sense that they all
together define the action a person takes during a dilemma, especially when
there are two paths, none of which are totally right or totally wrong. Values
at personal level along with the action taken by individual are evaluated
through the rules which are defined by Morals and Ethics. It is usually easy to
take black and white decisions where we can clearly distinguish right and
wrong, but the main problem comes when we try to take decision where there is
no stark difference of right and wrong while choosing one of the two paths.
Ethics, Morals and Values help the individual in taking decisions during such




B: Personal Values

There are certain values
that an individual assigns for himself which according to me defines that
individual as they play an unparalleled role in his life. Few of the values
that are very important in my life are as follows:

“Honesty is the best policy” was amongst the first quote that was taught to us
and had first lasting impression in my mind. Honesty according to me is
choosing right over wrong and deciding not to lie or to cheat or doing any
wrong act in any situation.

According to me when you live in a society it is important to be morally and
ethically correct not only for oneself but also for the larger benefit of the
society and I believe being honest covers all of these. Thus, being honest
defines the most important value for me.


Saying truth in every situation without being afraid of the consequences and
always being on the side of truth. Being the cultural secretary of the college,
I had the responsibility of organizing the entire cultural festival of the
undergraduate college. There were several instances where people persuaded me
to fudge bills and writeups to get it approved by the faculty. I ensured that
we followed a transparent system and the entire festival was conducted in
truthful manner without any cheating.

I believe I am a disciplined person in almost all aspects and follow a proper
approach in almost all aspect. It starts with being punctual and doing tasks
before deadline.

My mom being a teacher had inculcated discipline in me since childhood and also
conveyed the importance to me. Being disciplined ensures your personal well
being and that you get equal time for everything.


I ensure discipline in my day to day routine by being on time always be it for meetings
or personal commitments. At SPJIMR, I ensure that I am never late for lectures,
or any of the project meetings, or meetings with acad group, I follow a proper
diet though sleeping hours are compromised. I try to maintain a proper balance
between academics and extra curriculars and being a part of Mumbai, I ensure
that I spend sometime with my family once in a while.

believe in equal treatment for all and there should not be any biasness towards
a person even if that person is close to you.

To be morally and ethically correct the first thing which is most important is
fairness and equal treatment to everyone. Only on level ground the decisions
taken will be correct and ensure that they aren’t unjust to any particular sect
of the society.


I would like to describe this by sharing an incident where I took the fair decision
even when the person in question was my little sister. There was this situation
where my sister travelled by train without taking a ticket. She did
intentionally without being afraid as she knew she was not going to get caught.
She came home and proudly announced this fact. As this was completely wrong what
I did was firstly explained the fact to her that how important is the purchase
of ticket for the functioning of Indian Railways. Next, we went to the ticket
checker at the station and I made her confess the wrong doing. She also the
consequences pf being caught without ticket. The TC being a good human being
forgave her and further explained her why the act was wrong. This ensured that
my sister will never do anything wrong in future again.

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