Status his or her race, sex, religion,

is a term that is used regularly in sociology. Status refers to one’s position
in a social structure. Status usually refers to what a person is, like a
parent, child, friend or student. In sociology there are two types of statuses
people attain. These statuses are called ascribed status and achieved status
and there are numerous differences between both of them.

status is a status that is assigned to a person or can be given to a person in
some instances through inheritance. Ascribed status is something that is beyond
an individual’s control. For example, his or her race, sex, religion,
ethnicity, or social class of their parent at time of birth. (, 2017) Children usually have more ascribed statuses than adults since they
don’t have a choice in matters like in family’s situations or social status.
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is another example of ascribed status because
he was born into the royal family and had no control over his status. (, 2017)

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status is a status that comes to someone because they earned it. It is
something they earned by what they have accomplished or achieved by an activity
or personal accomplishment. An achieved status has to do with the individual
and how much work they put into achieving that status. It is mostly based on an
individual’s qualities, capabilities, potential, and their abilities to achieve
in life. (, 2017) Achieved statuses include
athletes, students, doctors, lawyers, and criminals. (Macionis, 2014, P. 156)

 Ascribed status and achieved status have
numerous differences and few similarities. They each affect a person’s life and
group roles in our U.S. society. These statuses can also affect the
characteristics of a person and the public perception of them. In the real
world, most statuses involve a combination of ascribed and achieved status and
sometime people need both to achieve them.

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