There James Watt. Watt invented a machine

There are
four characteristics of revolutions. The first revolution is the agricultural revolution.
In this revolution it is more of hunters and gathers and how people harnessed animals
thousands of years ago which was the development of agriculture. Agricultural revolution
also consists of people growing crops and other things like making tools, herding
animals and building dwellings. New patterns of crop rotation and livestock
utilization paved the way for better crop yields, a greater diversity of wheat
and vegetables and the ability to support more livestock. These changes
impacted society as the population became better nourished and healthier.

revolution would be industrial revolution.  This revolution is based on the late 18th
century and how manufacturing and new machinery came in the picture. In those
times factories came into existence because the advancement of technology by a
man name James Watt. Watt invented a machine called the steam engine. By him
creating the steam engine it soon drove to harder machinery which created
factory jobs. So, people went from working at home to getting jobs in factories.
Before the industrial revolution, people sought out to make materials by hand.
They used raw materials like wool, cotton, wood and grain to help make things
like cloths, sheets and other things by hand. Although, when people started to
work in factories they started working for total stranger who really cared more
for their machinery than the people who work for them. The industrial revolution
was built up on wage laboring and there were still problems even though the new
era aroused. Poverty was at its highest and many families had to work to even survive.
Children had been forced into hard labor in places like coal mines by only
making pennies a day including woman who also worked in factories making super
low wages. Eventually when things settled children working in hard labor was banned
and wages went up to satisfy family needs. Also, the government gave more
schooling rights and political rights to civilians.

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The final
revolution is the information revolution and postindustrial society. The postindustrial
society a productive system based on service work and computer technology.  In this era the computer was at the top of
the list giving new jobs to people in need. When people in this era were
looking for jobs, industries offered computer programmers writers, analysts, editors
and many different types of labor that were easier. In the information industry
a worker only has to have computer skills and literary skills and maybe also
writing important information. Thanks to the information industry people can
work in their own personal space like their homes or on their cell phones.

Todays era
we tend to use information revolution which is one of the best sources of income.
People have work at home jobs or work off companies like YouTube to make videos
and get profit from teaching someone making video games or telling someone how
to make money. All in all, the information revolution is the best hands down in
the twenty first century.

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