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Weber also discusses a theory about domination. Advertising dominates people in society by influencing their decisions in life. Weber would also view the massive advertising market in the United States through the eyes of his social domination theory. Weber would see advertisements as dominating people’s thoughts and in a way continuing to feed the Iron cages known as monopolies in society. Weber would see this social domination form in two types charismatic and traditional.  The first form Weber describes is charismatic domination, “resting on devotion to the exceptional sanctity, heroism, or exemplary character of an individual person, and of the normative patterns or order revealed or ordained by him”. In essence Weber is saying that we put people on a pedestal in society. These special people are almost superhuman to the average man, which inspires loyalty and obedience from followers. This example of domination can be seen in huge quantities in the United States’ massive advertising market in the form of spokespeople. For example, Peyton Manning advertises for Nationwide insurance. Nothing about Peyton’s persona would lead you to believe he knows anything about insurance, but society eats up his jingles. This is because society sees Peyton as a leader and his actions on and off the football field have made society to view him as exceptional. Peyton as a spokesperson has almost developed what Weber would call a cult of personality or essentially an idealized image of a true American. Peyton’s knowledge on insurance does not sell insurance, his idealized image sells the product on being good because if Peyton uses it so should I. Weber also discusses traditional domination in his work. This form of domination stems from the state of mind of “it has always been that way”. Fundamentally saying that tradition holds a high stake in society and society respects the social tradition to the point that they will continue to follow them. Weber would point out advertisements state a product or company has been doing their specialty since a certain year.  For example, Weber would analyze the Coca Cola campaign that states “125 years of refreshment”. Weber would theorize that part of the reason consumers respect and drink Coca Cola is because the advertisement leads the consumer to believe they always have. Their parents and grandparents were refreshed by Coca Cola, so the product should refresh them.  Weber would also put focus on how we in American society continues to let mass advertising happen to the point where we cannot walk or ride to class without seeing hundreds of advertisements. Weber would state that Americans have absorbed the on slot of advertising as a normal part of life.  To encapsulate Weber’s theory on mass advertising, he believes that it dominates our way of thinking to the point that we let it continue without another thought. Smith also hypnotizes that mass advertising traps into smaller markets that are produced by a rational cycle of purchases. 

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