In applied. Resource -use efficiencies are utilized.

sustainable agriculture, we do not just preserve ecological integrity but we
also protect human health that promotes environmental justice. The framework
above (Figure.3) shows environmental, economic, and social dimensions that
influence sustainability. However, three dimensions were added in my proposed framework.
which  can contribute to food security.
The six dimensions are:  Economic,
ecological, socio-cultural, technological, political, and institutional (Figure
4). The details of this proposed framework are explained  throughout this paper.

Ecological Dimension

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Organic agriculture has the
potential to provide enough food to feed the entire world as long as agroecological
production principles are applied to have a new kind of food system  according to Badgeley  and Perfecto (2007).

In meeting the demand
for food, the integrity of the environment should not be affected. The society
should consider crop diversification to promote biodiversity. Integrated Pest Management
can be applied to reduce the susceptibility of crops to pest attack which can result
to a higher yield. Through this, there is maximum use of biodiversity and
ecosystem services. In sustainable agriculture, soil conservation practices
such as terracing, contouring, mulching, cover cropping, intercropping, crop
rotation. fallowing and hedgerows and other soil conservation practices can be
applied. Resource -use efficiencies  are utilized. Instead of monocropping,
multiple cropping should be applied to promote biodiversity and ecosystem stability.


Agroecosystem consists
of many interacting components with multiple goals. According to Harwood
(1990), one important part of sustainable agroecosystem management is soil
quality, analogous to water and air quality. It is necessary to assess soil
quality to help managers to identify practices that will lead to sustainable way
of living.


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