Marketing to deliver their products or services.

Marketing mix is a tool which consists of 4Ps; price, place,
promotion and product. These 4Ps are used by companies to create a successful
business and to achieve the company’s goals.

– from the first P, the company will know what product or service they sell to
the consumers. In order to do so, they need to know what product or services
that can meet the consumers’ needs and demands. This is important because if
the company launched an item which does not match with the consumers’ needs,
they might face losses. Besides that, it also crucial to match the consumers’
needs so that it can help to satisfy the consumers.

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– second is price. In any business, the company should carefully set the price
at an optimum price. This is due to the reason that if the price is too high,
the consumer will not buy the product or services, and if the price is too low,
the company will suffer from losses. So the company needs to brainstorm and
decide the strategies to use to set the price by calculating and adding the
costs and percentage of profits.


– the location use by the organization or company to deliver their products or
services. Choosing the right place to do the business is very crucial because
not all places have the target market of the company.


– the means of communication between the seller and buyer. In current
situation, the best promotion medium is the internet. The company will use the
medium to advertise, promote and attract customers to use and buy their
products and services.

According to Desi Barkhuizen, the Vice President of Revenue
Management at Etihad Airways, starting from 2012, they started to find a way to
increase the revenue which is by maximizing the seat inventories. The Etihad
Airways had collaborated with Sabre AirVision Revenue Integrity to identify the
issue with the booking system and try to maximize revenue opportunities. With
the help from Sabre, Etihad can know the demand from the customers and they can
create a personalized service that can achieve and meet the customers’ needs
and demands.

      Not only that, as stated
by Barkhuizen in an interview, she revealed that since they moved all their
revenue integrity provided to the Sabre’s platform, they can achieved another
level of efficiency and they are able to sell more 10% of seats than they used
to sell.

      As for Etihad marketing
mix, below are the examples with reference to the 4Ps concept of marketing mix.

Firstly, for the product Etihad Airways offers more than one
hundred aircraft that consists of both cargo and passenger transportation (Bhasin,
2017).Besides that, Etihad also has a collaboration programme with other
airlines in order to create a greater and better network of destinations. Those
airlines partners include;







Airlines, and many more.

            Not only that, Etihad Airways also provides something
different in their cabins. For The Residence cabin, which is the most luxurious
one, the customers can enjoy a private space as they offered a living room
which comes together with separate exclusive bedroom and shower room. In living
room, there are luxurious leather double-seat sofa and two dining tables where
the customers can also enjoy watching TV. For The Residence customer, Etihad
provides special VIP travel concierge service that will take care of the
customers’ needs. Other facilities provided are TV at the bedroom area and full
set of luxurious amenities in the shower room.

            Next, for the
First Class cabin, Etihad Airways had revolutionized First Class with the First
Apartment. For customers who choose this cabin class, they can experience the
exclusive and private space as they provide a seat with wide armchairs and also
sliding doors. The area for this cabin class is quite spacious so the customer
can have a meal or meeting with their companion. First Class cabin also
equipped with vanity unit, complimentary loungewear and exclusive amenities in
shower room.

            As for the
Business Class or known as Business Studio, there is a fully-flat bed with
direct aisle access, which comes with adjustable headrest, back support,
footrest and ample legroom; to make sure customers are comfortable during the
flight. Other facilities for Business Class customers are private storage area,
a meal table and another separate side table which can be used to put the personal

For customers in Economy Class, the wide seats are designated with
adjustable back support and head rest. They also provide entertainment for the
customers. In addition, Etihad also provide ‘Flying Nanny’ service which
specially provided for children travelling alone. This ‘Flying Nanny’ also
helps customers to enjoy some private while the staffs take care of the


            Etihad Airways
operates starting from headquarter in Abu Dhabi International Airport to more
than hundred destinations all around the world. The flights operations are
assumed to be around one thousand weekly flights (Bhasin, 2017). The
destination included places such as Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, and
Middle East. As Etihad has wide connection network with it partner airlines, it
can provide service to almost every places around the globe.

            Etihad Airways is
known as one of the most luxurious flight in the world so the price would be
very expensive suitable with the exclusive service provided by them. As Etihad
use value-added pricing strategy, they try to give their customers a service
with is compatible with the price the customers paid for. In order to add more
value in their service, Etihad Airways had introduced Fare Choices; a
tailor-made fare offered to customers suitable with their needs. This offer
varies according to the flexibility of customers, the baggage allowance and
other value benefits given to the customers.

            Last but not
least, for the promotion, Etihad Airways use the most powerful medium; internet
and social media to promote their services. People can get more information
about this airline via their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter
and Linked-in. Furthermore, people also can view and subscribe their YouTube
channel and watch the services offered before they fully experienced it
themselves. Etihad also use another site to promote the airline which is the
official website where people can view the seasonal promotions and other deals
provided by Etihad Airways. 

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