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The Pininfarina-styled Enzo look intense, purposeful, dramatic, mean, and smaller than the F50. The aspect mirrors the F1 automotive with its raised nose ripping the two aspect vents, and it’s at odds with the softer, well-endowed tail. It’s Associate in Nursing mechanics statement, ANd what you are doing not see is Associate in Nursing abdomentailored to wind-tunnel demands. Flaps previous the front wheels add unison with the small, adjustable rear spoiler and a couple of rear diffusers to relinquish a downforce load of 756 pounds at 124 mph, increasing to 1709 pounds at 186 mph before it bit by bit decreases to 1290 pounds at high speed.The Enzo delivers quailty sound on demand. once it comes in runway the blasting sound of this automotive stunned to each person attributable to nice qulaity sound .Ferrari presently acknowledges that the F50’s F1-based V-12 left drivers searching for plenty of force. For this automotive, a greenhorn naturally aspirated, 65-degree V-12 was developed, and it will get into the successors to the 456 and 575M. The Enzo V-12’s 92mm bore and seventy 5.2mm stroke provides a capability of 5999cc. The quad cams ar belt-driven with variable inlet- and exhaust-valve temporal property, and thus the intake-runner lengths ar endlessly variable. each bank of cylinders is controlled by a master Motronic ME7.0 european and fed via a drive-by-wire throttle, with one coil for each plug. The V-12 makes 650 H.P. at 7800 rev and 485 pound-feet of force at 5500 rev. At 3000 rev, it’s still punching out 391 pound-feet of force, whereas the F50 peaked at 347 pound-feet at 6500 rev.To keep management on public roads, world champ Schumacher insisted Ferrari lower the edge of the ASR (traction control) intervention in its default mode. Race mode raises that level for aggressive driving; turn out the ASR for track work. In tight corners, the Enzo understeers moderately. higher than eighty mph you progressively feel the downforce operating, the handling balance dynamical to regardless of the driver’s right foot demands in ASR’s off or race mode. The pushrod-actuated management-arm front and rear suspension works with incessantly variable dampers to maximise body control and luxury PRN.The Enzo — it comes solely in red and yellow — needs a huge upward adjustment of expectations. No surprise that even at the greatly elevated value all 349 Enzos ar spoken for.SO even its comes in barely in 2 color however demand of this nice automotive plenty .Many people have niceintrest during this lovely high speed automotive the fundamental issue is that Enzo Ferrari largely used for athletics tracks,a lot of sport person like this high speed automotive attributable to automotive engine, body, interior etc So if you would like to urge high speed and quality feature automotive i personly recommend you must purchase this quality featue automotive.For additional informaion you’ll be able to contact with U.S.A. on Facebook, Twitter,Google.

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