To months after his rotation ended. This

To the Program Director,


It is a pleasure that I am recommending Mr. Saad Rao Jawed, AAMC ID ­­­­­­­­­­­­________________,
for a position of PGY-1 in your Family medicine Residency Program. I met him
during his clinical rotation/ Electives, when he worked under me in the
department of Family Medicine. Saad stands out brilliant among the students
that I have encountered over the past few years since I have started taking
students for Clinical attachment with me.

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One of Saad’s many possessions is his affectionate and clear
communication style with the patients, which is very important especially when
you are practicing Family Medicine. It has always been in my routine that I take
a review from my patients and staff about the student who is at that time
rotating with me. Patients, the entire clinical staff, and other physicians in
my department alike welcomed his attendance and always opened up to him. I was
so amused to hear this, when once Mr Saad and I went to see a Follow Up patient
in the Physical Examination Room and the patient overwhelmingly exclaimed that
he was hoping  Dr Saad would be here for
him! I am writing this Letter of Recommendation, a few months after Saad ended
his clinical rotation with me and I am so delighted to know that most of my
patients continue to ask about him even several months after his rotation


This specific approach of Saad in dealing with the patients of Family
Medicine extended to his clinical skills; he was inclusive, considerate, and
sympathetic within all his professional boundaries and paying special attention
with his extensive history taking skills and physical examination. He was very
well able to present his examined clinical cases professionally and formulate
appropriate assessments and plans.


I must like to mention on this note that while he was rotating with me
I observed that his pool of knowledge was excellent for a student who just got
done with his Final Year Medical School Examinations, but he took the
initiative every time to seek out and answer complicated clinical questions on
a regular basis, returning the very next day to share the evidence that he
collected and to share all the knowledge he gathered regarding that particular case
which is being solved by the whole team in the department.


Saad has been committed and persistent in his dedication to family
medicine, as evidenced by his involvement in several research projects. Despite
of the fact that he was very well informed that due to department’s
restrictions he won’t be given any authorship, he kept on working on many
papers and kept on showing his interest in data collection and evaluation. I was
very impressed by this selfless attitude of him. He was also an active
participant of Family Medicine Interest Group. He takes his responsibilities
very critically and follows through on his commitments. As a member of our
Hospital’s Homeless Health Clinic, he continued to visit there every weekend,
see patients of every kind, and helped and counseled them in every possible way
he could.


Saad is an exceptional applicant for your residency program. He is an excellent
communicator, a fast learner, a great team member, and a very nice Person in
general. I have clearly no doubts in saying that Saad will definitely be the
kind of physician that I want for myself and my family.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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