We never use or understand. The ethical

We now focus on the last „P?
– Promotion, especially on two major areas, the media used and the message. As
far as the media is concerned, not only have new modes increasingly surfaced
but the media mix has itself changed. This is partly due to the technology and
also due to the changes in society like the spread of education and increasing
economic prosperity, leading to changes in life style. These changes have
resulted in more sophisticated media for more discerning audiences.

Keeping in mind the
increasingly discerning nature of the audience, obviously the delivery of the
message has changed. The nature of the message has become much more competitive
and at times, borders on the verge of bad taste. A
much larger portion of advertisements today knock the competitors by name-
something. Unfortunately many advertisers in India have not been able to ensure
that their advertising messages are authentic & credible. I have always
been intrigued by the use of blue-eyed blondes to appeal to black eyed, black
haired “Bhartiya Naris” with voiceovers in Indian languages. This seems to be
especially prevalent in teleshopping programs on television channels where
white Anglo-Saxons extol the virtues of quintessentially western products in
Chaste Tamil, Malayalam or Hindi. We have seen a plethora of cricketers
occupying news paper and television space probably promoting products they
never use or understand. The ethical issues thus in the relam of promotion are
whether the changed media mix reflects changes in society and is the tenor of
delivering the message in tune with moving social moves? Advertisers frequently
use testimonials by well known people such as sport stars, film stars, and now
a days even television stars. In India, testimonials advertisements stimulate
sales of products ranging from soft drinks, cough drops and cigarettes.
Doordarshan accepted advertisements for such products till recently.

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development of the interest and other new technologies will payout differently
in different parts of the world and play out differently than we expect. The
creation of new channels means that companies need to manage across complex
webs of marketing and distribution. Technology creates greater interactivity
and transparency, and has transformed the entire supply chain. Therefore the
new challenge for global marketers is not just catch up with and stay ahead of
new technologies but also to learn and benefit from how consumers interact with
technologies. The advent of new technologies e.g. the internet & world wide
web, mobile devices, digital TV has opened up marketing opportunities in the
development of innovative products and services. The new competition is and
will be increasingly between networks rather than single organizations.
Successful executives will be those who can effectively manage a ethical
working environment, balance stake holder value and build and maintain their
personal expertise. Marketing manager must make every effort to verify that
their choices and action serve the best interest of all related customer,
organization & society. Most will need to master new skills to address the
emerging challenges. If organization makes the ethical practices, they will
stand in the market for years with clear image and brand name but if they can
made unethical practices they can no more in the market because acceptance
& non acceptance of product is totally in the hands of end-user.



The paper looks
at the importance of ethics for an organization. In the context of marketing
innovation & Marketing Mix-Product, place, Price & Promotion has been
discussed. Unethical practices have been discussed in the marketing mix. The
ethical issues related to marketing can cause a huge loss for a company unless
some preventive steps are taken. Pursuing ethical values plays a vital role in
the growth and survival tactics of an organization. Those organizations that
value their customers have a positive influence in the market. The paper
concludes with a discussion of future challenges for marketers.


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