1) Strengthen the protection system

a. Establish situ conservation areas such as forest parks, agricultural wild plant protection spots, wetland parks, geoparks, and marine protection zones. By the end of 2013, 2697 nature reserves had been established nationwide with an area of about 1,463,000 square kilometers. The nature reserves cover about 14.8% of China’s land area.

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b. Strengthen the rescue of endangered species. to rescue and conserve endangered wild animals and plants, with the development of endangered species breeding techniques, habitat restoration, and other measures make some critically endangered wild species gradually get rid of the red list.


2) carry out habitat protection and restoration

Continue to carry out the natural forest resources protection, returning farmland to forest, repairing overgrazed grasslands, Beijing and Tianjin sand source management, wetland protection and restoration, and other key ecological projects. Since 2001, the ecological conditions in the key construction areas have been significantly improved. The national forest resources have continued to grow. The forest area has increased by 23.0% over 10 years. The forest coverage rate has risen by 3.8%. A number of important international and national Wetlands have been rescued and about half of the natural wetlands have been effectively protected. The implementation of key ecological projects has promoted the restoration of habitats of degraded ecosystems and wild species and effectively protected biological diversity.


3)Develop and implement incentives that are conducive to biodiversity conservation

In order to avoid negative impacts on biodiversity and the environment, the Chinese government canceled export tax rebates for 553 high-energy-consuming, high-pollution, and resource-based products in 2007, including endangered animals, plants and their products, leather, some wood and disposable Wood products and so on.

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