Fritz his targets, which made finding him

Fritz Honka was born July 31, 1935 just outside Leipzig, Germany. His three siblings having died in childbirth, he was an only child. His mother, Else Honka née Elternhaus, worked as a cleaner. She has no records of life after Honka and his father were taken to separate concentration camps. His father, Fritz Honka Sr., was a joiner and became an alcoholic after the liberation. He later died of liver failure and difficulties branching form his times in the camps. Honka Jr. was a hedonistic killer, meaning that he killed to engage in the pursuit of pleasure, to be sensually self-indulgent. He was of small stature and had a speech problem paired with a eye twitch. His two marriages ended in divorce due to alcohol abuse and violent tendencies. He the german serial killer that was labeled the next Jack the Ripper. He was definitely a disorganized killer as he kept some of the bodies he was suspected to have killed, after he was caught at least, in his flat. He supposedly only killed when mocked and judged for preference for fellatio over straight intercourse. Honka lived in the red light district of St. Pauli and murdered at least four prostitutes. The man proceeded to try to burn down his apartment when the smell became bad enough that the neighbors complained. This was the way he was caught, he wasn’t even suspected up until this point. Unlike most serial murderers, he was never consistent in picking his victims, save being the lowest class of poverty. He seemed to have a inconstant Modus Operandi when choosing his targets, which made finding him difficult in the first place. He chose middle aged to older females of low class and build, their names being Gertrud Bräuer aged 43, Anna Beuschel aged 55, Frieda Roblick aged 58 and Ruth Schult aged 52. After he lured the women to his abode, he tried to get what he was looking for and when faced with mirth and insulting derogatory comments, he striked with vengeance. His lack of organization and all reasonably coherent thought when he decided to set fire to the evidence of his crimes set the police on him and his case like a beacon of light in total darkness. On the 15th of July, the fire was set and spread, and when the firemen began to diffuse the blaze, they discovered a semi-decomposed feminine torso in a trash bag which inclined the police to investigate. He eventually confessed to murdering the women and then retracted the admission with the claim of not remembering any of it. The legal system charged him with one count of murder and three counts of manslaughter. He was then sentenced to 15 years in a mental hospital. With the lack of concern for people of their social decorum in that time and place, it is not all that surprising that the victims went missing and no one noticed or reported it. Honka was a known aggressive alcoholic and prone to violence and rage when things he was involved in didn’t go the way he wanted them to. Maybe if he had been flagged as a ‘frequent flyer’ in liquor stores or his wives had reported him for abuse and domestic violence. Then maybe he could have been stopped before anyone had died.

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