Prompt and the amount of times it

Prompt – You are living in a world where every lie that is spoken creates a scar on the speaker’s body. The larger the lie and the amount of times it is said creates a deeper mark. One day you meet someone who only has one scar, however it is the largest one you have ever seen.He was a great guy for as long as I knew him. I’ve never met anyone else like him and doubt that I ever will. Everyone I’ve met has had the small scars of little white-lies decorating their hands and arms. As years went by some people have opened and reopened old scars and have cut them deeper and deeper every time. People lie, it’s just a fact of life.I wanted to join the military. I wanted to change. I wanted my parents to be proud. All lies. These lies tore away at my shoulders, down my back, and around my abdomen, wrapping around my body to create a deceitful pattern that none should ever see. All that they can see are the small cuts lining my arms.In truth I joined because I had nothing left, a final attempt to escape rock bottom. I was among the best of the best, the brave and successful, I just had to stay invisible. I was a wasp among bees, simply being there was an act of deception. But then he came around. I had more scars than most, and earned what little trust I was given. People were politely curt towards me, but were visibly rigid to him. He didn’t have any of the traditional marks on his hand. At a quick glance you might have thought him the most honest man alive. In fact, most did. A man in his thirties with no scars? That’s as rare as a dragon. More myth and legend than person, yet there he was. Everyone wanted to be his friend. I mean who wouldn’t want someone they can trust in a world of liars? Well, that was before he took of his shirt in the locker room. A scar stretching from his shoulder to his ribs, much like mine but far deeper. It was one small lie repeated over and over god knows how many times.

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