International produced in 2014. Whilst in Canada,

International Business EssayIntroductionThe cement industry is a type of industry that specializes in producing different types of cement. It is also one of the leading sectors of the building materials industry. The industry dates back to ancient times, where the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would use different methods and materials to create cement & concrete. Ever since then, the industry have been growing steadily from year to year. In 2016, the amount of cement production reaches up to 4,200 million tons. In countries such as India, cement is very popular and they are the world’s second largest cement producer, with 280 million tons produced in 2014. Whilst in Canada, about 12.5 million tons of cement were produced in 2012. The objective of this report is to analyze about how the specific brand chosen would do internationally, specifically in a country such as Canada and India.Semen Indonesia is one of Indonesia’s largest cement producer, it was inaugurated in Gresik on the 7th of August 1957. The company was first known as Semen Gresik, but changed name to Semen Indonesia on 20th of December 2012. This research report will analyze and focuses on how a local brand from Indonesia could be promoted overseas.MethodologyIn this research report, the data for the report are collected through two methods, primary and secondary research. Primary research is a method of collecting data carried out by conducting interviews. There are two people from the cement industry interviewed, asked about things regarding their knowledge of the industry, including things such as threats, opportunities, and others. The demographic of our interviewees are aged between 25-49 years old. Using the interview method helps to justify the objective of this report regarding the cement industry. Secondary research (also known as desk research) is data collected from the internet and books. Some sources in the internet, such as from “NY Times” and “The Guardian” are used as the secondary research to the report. Other resources are also used in order to research and find out about the history of the industry and the cement industry in different countries worldwide.

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