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Personal conflicts often arise when one decides between taking
action or letting an opportunity slip by. However more times than often, this conflict
leads to the latter of the desired outcome. In toady’s technology-driven
generation, adolescents can access an immense amount of information including
the achievements of their human idols. It is common for young adults to feel
insecure about themselves after witnessing the “freak athletes” and the “most
successful under 20” that lay in their hands before them. Most people know they
are not prodigies, and as a result, they frequently allow some life-changing opportunities
to pass them by even though they are more than are capable. These people do not
want to stand alone and face the embarrassment they would otherwise face if
they were to fail. This lack of confidence causes most people to settle for
ordinary grades, ordinary jobs and ordinary lives because people are unaware of
their own potential. The photograph “Coney Island, NY, 1969” by Stephen
Salmieri shows a carnival game that most will not risk attempting.


The idea is simple, yet most will not dare to try. There is a
young man who is standing underneath the booth of a carnival game called “2 In
Wins”. The man is also standing behind a barrier indicating that he is the one who
controls the booth. From the title of the game and the row of buckets, a spectator
can see that the objective of the game is to get two balls into a bucket.
However, most of these spectators will never try this game saying that it is a “rigged
carnival game” only trying to “take your money. The author of this picture says
otherwise. The white clothes that the young man is wearing suggests purity and
honesty, and the white chair to the left of the man shows that he just wants to
relax, and watch participants try his game. In the back of the booth, the
spectators are aware of the prizes to be won. However, the prizes are not the main
focus of the game, rather it is the challenge the game presents, a challenge
one can choose to accept. Through the honest look of the man and the distant
prizes to be won, the author of this picture is able to attract onlookers to the
booth. The purpose of this game is to throw a ball into a bucket. Most people do
not have the confidence to throw a ball which is why the man stands alone. 

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