Remote From the perspective of healthcare providers,

Remote healthcare has become a vital service with the growing rate of
senior citizens. Health monitoring, rehabilitation, and assisted living for the
elderly and medically challenged people is an emerging challenge because they
require seamless networking between people, medical instruments, and medical
and social service providers.

Internet of Things platform offers a promising technology to achieve the
mentioned healthcare services, and can further improve the medical service
systems. Compliance with treatment and medication at home and by healthcare
providers is one of the important potential application. Therefore, various
medical devices, sensors, and diagnostic can be viewed as smart devices or
objects constituting a core part of the IoT. IoT-based healthcare services are
expected to reduce costs, increase the quality of life, and enrich the user’s
experience. From the perspective of healthcare providers, the IoT has the
potential to reduce device downtime through remote provision. In addition, the
IoT can correctly identify optimum times for replenishing supplies for various
devices for their smooth and continuous operation. Further, the IoT provides
for the efficient scheduling of limited resources by ensuring their best use
and service of more patients. Ease of cost-effective interactions through
seamless and secure connectivity across individual patients, clinics, and
healthcare organizations is an important trend. Such systems can be used to
collect the needed information of the user and its ambient environment and
communicate such information wirelessly, where it is processed or stored for
tracking the history.

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So we
propose an innovative system that automates this task with ease. Our system
uses various sensors to track patient’s health and uses internet to inform
their doctors and loved ones in case of any issues. The sensors are connected
to a microcontroller to track the status which is interfaced to a display as
well as Wi-Fi connection in order to transmit collected data and receive user
requests. The system can be controlled from a smartphone application. This
system is based on a cloud platform and keep track of the daily data that it’s
been collecting in the past. This data is then shared with doctors through a
website where doctor can analyze the condition of the patient and provide
further details online. Patient or doctor can communicate with one another on
this platform and can go back and view the past data any time they want. If
system detects any abrupt changes in patients any of the health condition like
heart rate or body temperature, the system automatically alerts the user about
the patient’s status over there smartphones and also shows details of the
patient live over the internet.

health parameter data is stored over the cloud making it more beneficial than
maintaining the records on printed papers kept in the files or even the digital
records which are kept in a particular computer, laptop or memory devices.
Because there are chances that these devices can get corrupt and data might be
lost. Whereas, the cloud storage is more reliable and does have minimal chances
of data loss. Thus this cloud and IoT based health tracking system effectively
uses internet to monitor patient’s health stats and save lives on time.

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