As our heads and get us infected,

we all know, music is the universal 

we speak or think about music are all of those thoughts coming in our minds,
and usually it happens to ask ourselves, if have we ever found ourself humming
or whistling a tune for no reason, then thought back to the lyrics or theme of
that song and realized it had something to do with what’s on our mind. Have we
ever tried to remember what letter comes after another in the alphabe and found
ourself singing that “ABC” song from childhood?

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of those questions has an answer in the way our brain functions and how the
cognitive thoughts has a fundamental role in the way the music affects in us.
In this essay I’ll try to answer all of those questions that have been on my
mind since so long time ago.

According to James Kellaris, marketing
professor at the University of Cincinnati in his study titled “Dissecting
Earworms: Further Evidence on the ‘Song-Stuck-in-Your-Head’ Phenomenon”, he has
found that nearly 99% of people have had earworms (those sticky tunes that
people can’t get out of their heads) during their life in a time or another.
Those earworms aren’t like viruses that spread in our heads and get us infected,
even thought another study made by….said that this is viral between people. Earworms
are viruses in the sense that they get lodged in your head and cause a sort
of “cognitive itch” or “brain itch” — a need for the brain
to fill in the gaps in a song’s rhythm. When we
listen to a song, it provokes a part of the brain called the auditory
cortex. Researchers at Dartmouth University found that when they played
part of a familiar song to research subjects, the participants auditory cortex
automatically filled in the rest — in other words, their brains kept
“singing” long after the song had ended. source: Prokhorov.

But what kind of songs are more likely to be
stuck on our mind and is there any cure, or are we ment to live in this sort of
boomerang forever?

In her research lead author Kelly
Jakubowski  said in the study abstract
that songs with lyrics are reported as most frequently stuck (74%), followed by
commercial jingles (15%) and instrumental tunes without words (11%).

Now, after all of those arguments and online
researches that I have done, I woud like to present even my personal and
objective opinion about how the music affects in our brain.
If we take some examples, I truly believe that the music is really an important
part in everybody human lives, and below I can even show why do I think like
Everybody knows that emotions are those feelings that made human brain to work
a little different, but the question is, what type of emotions are they that
make us feeling like that and where is the conection between brain emotions and

In this case lets take the example of someone
that is in a relationship. In the beginning of it everybody feels a litte
different and emotions are those ones that make him/her understand what is
really happening with their lifes. Songs as well are those ones that make them
expres their feelings sometimes.

When we hear a specific song, sometimes we all
use to say  expressions like, ohh look
this song it looks like it is made for us and the reason why we think like that
it is only because we found ourselves in those songs and would like to be
represent by them.

As a conclusion, all we can say is that, our brain
it looks like it is really good connected with every part of our body but of
course even more with our feelings and emotions as well. 

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