care with responsibilities for child and families’

care shows that in Germany foster
care is also the cheaper option. 
Nevertheless, average costs of residential care make it reasonable to
believe that the services are much more expensive in Germany than in England.

According, to Brandone and Thoburn (2008) research indicates that In England over
40 % of children still needed more help who had experienced extra maltreatment
or neglect, two third of the children received long term social services
involvements over few years. In some complex cases families receive long term
support but the multi-agency as well as social worker and schools who provide
dependable provision, in difficulty cases of abuse social workers try to ensure
the effective of decision making which takes place but not only as case manager
at the expense of a relationship to help service that seeks to promote close
relation children and their parents and carers. Furthermore, Brandon and Thoburn, (2008) quote that social workers continue to build
relationship with children and families to get the best outcome for the child
even in hard times, also social workers work alongside multi-agency team in
this way they can then offer a positive, responsive and sensitive service to
safeguard children.

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(2006) argues that in England social worker legislation implies that
support of which is necessary nature while in Germany it is not but its
non-compulsory, this affects how social worker is affected to an extent.
Continuing to explaining England, the children act 1989 shows that the local
authorities in England with responsibilities for child and families’ services
have a duty to cooperate. In contrast Germany child and youth services act, the
importance of co-responsibility and partnership between agencies is
highlighted, additionally the regulations on the confidentiality particularly
in child protection cases. In both England and Germany social workers would
discuss their cases with child protection agencies, also England social workers
might join medical expert, at the stage of the problem to get support and
advice especially if there is signs and symptoms of abuse.    

 Hansbauer, (2002) shows that in Germany since the 1980s there has been changes in
the residential care system which included the decrease of oppressive forms of
accommodations, it has been established that social services of children of the
age of 16 and older with behavioural problems and addiction problems such as
drugs live with social workers supporting them, the residential care is
infrequently for groups of two to three in each apartment. Social workers give
face to face contact which is for few hours each day depending on the
individuals needs of young person. The employees of the youth of?ces had
through interaction with schools, press, residents or police of?cers and were
under excessive pressure to take young people into or back into the residential
care system. Nowacki (2017) in
Germany an example of a flexible youth welfare institution, the social services
available for girls, the accommodation for three flats for ten girls between
the age of 13 to 16 years old, living together with social workers looking
after them in shift -work , mother child units, 
the process of this is to offer help counselling within the families
office for the community welfare work, flats for adolescents, young adults working
with the parents and group work with criminals adolescent girls.

Referring to Lambers, (2002) there is about one
million employees work in German social services, the idea of social work as
service focused on individuals helpful, it seems helpful because the concept of
providing a service emphasises the interest which emphasises the interest of
the children and families. In Germany, social workers are trained in a very

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