Eventually, elevate the “country’s political standing and

Eventually, the crisis is settle down by the military-coup leading by General Prayuth Chan o-cha ,which he later overthrew the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra  (Desatova 2017).  The military regime overthrew the previous government with the justification to stop political unrest , return happiness to the people and eliminate corruption that is conducted by government of Yingluck Shinawatra. Ironically, according to Transparency international organisation, the ranking has drop from 85 to 101 out of 107 and the score went down from 38 to 35 out of 100, which is contradict to its original motive. The reasons behind the deranking is suggested by ThaiPBS that the cause were behind prohibition in political movement, free speech, and referendum tracking, which this banish any ‘independent oversight’ to counterargument any government actions (PBS 2017). To elaborate,scholars who criticised Thailand on issue of “labour and human rights abuses in the key fishing and fruit tinning industries” would be sent to prison or human right protectors, journalist, individual, who criticised the military government would be sent to military barracks for ‘attitude adjustment (Euractiv 2016) . Additionally, It is mentioned by Portland that if Thailand governing power is returned back to civilian elected government, it would elevate the “country’s political standing and provide the space for reform it needs to inch closer to the top 30” (Portland 61). However, this seems to be a difficult way for Thailand due to the fact that the Junta government kept postponing the referendum process and, launching projects to create justification to prolong the their regime such as Thailand 4.0 economical plan that will be discussed in the further section. This project could be seen as an effort by the government to develop Thai soft power and nation branding through economic factors.  The objective of Thailand 4.0 is to promote  “Economic Prosperity, Social Well-being, Raising Human Values, and Environmental Protection” (Ibid 2017). Similarly to the aspects of nation branding introduced by Kalamova & Konrad,  the 4 objectives is linked with some of the Kalamova & Konrad features.  For instance,  Economic Prosperity with capital investment and governance, Social Well-being with People Raising Human Values: People, and Environmental Protection: governance. This program is disseminate through several platforms of media including infographic video, internet, and television. The way in which Thailand tries to promote itself through the use economical soft power to become stand out amongst neighbour countries to raise foreign by proving itself to be technologically superior (Destova 2017). In contrast to the scale size of the project, the actual plan is considered to be hollow and vague . This signifies the true intention behind this large economic plan, which is to rebrand and prove as the a legitimacy for the military Junta to hold on their power by insisting that changes in government would lead to obstruct to the plan, rather than focusing on the fact that they are proving to the global world that they are having a long-term economic plan  

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