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It seems that nothing is off limits with fashion, and that’s certainly something I admire. Fashion can take influence from anything, as well as be influential at the same time. Not only with design but with promotion, communications, and media. Over the years I have developed a profound appreciation for fashion, and that’s down to seeing editorial and commercial photography in magazines or online, thought-provoking campaigns and fashion films. I want the opportunity to show my creative, innovative skills on this course, as well as expand my knowledge of popular fashion culture, imaging making and challenge me to think about fashion in new, creative ways. I started developing my creative and technical skills while studying film & media production, where I planned, styled, shot and edited my first location and studio shoot. Which was influenced by a film based in the 70’s. I also expanded my knowledge of using editing software, like premiere pro to edit a sneak promotional video for ASOS’s women’s collection, as well as documentaries on model casting and Peckham’s creative outlook. I have also gained relevant evaluation and time management skills, from writing a countless amount of essays with set deadlines. I’ve also gained experience and skills from out of school activities, such as; BFI film academy and The London South Bank University summer school where I worked on creating a short film. I also took part in the National Citizen Service, where I learned how to take professional photos with a DSLR camera. While being on my gap year, I have traveled to Spain, France, Ireland and Scotland to get a better understanding of different fashion trends and cultures. During that time I sketched out designs that influenced me from my travels. I’m hoping to travel to a few more places like Amsterdam and Asia. In addition, I am currently taking an online course on Textiles in Ghana. Again this will broaden my understandings of culture in Ghana, by learning about different techniques and meanings for specific colours chosen for certain designs. I also have work lined up with Fabulous magazine, where I will be assisting on shoots and learning more about what goes into magazines. In my spare time, I buy and sell second-hand clothes on an app called Depop. which has millions of followers worldwide. Initially, I used the app to make quick money to fund my travels, but my page has recently blown up. Where Depop has ranked me as the top seller of the week, twice in the space of 3 months. This is something that I am extremely proud of and keen to continue. I was also motivated to apply for this course because of the success of my page, and with the course as a guide, it will only get bigger and better. I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs in both film and digital form, as I think this is an area I am particularly strong in and see it as a form of art and self-expression. I’m also interested in music, which perfectly intertwines with fashion because it is one of its influences. Take grime music, for example, it sparked the idea of oversized puffer jackets on the runways. With the guidance of the degree, I feel confident that I can secure a role in the fashion communications, promotion or media industry. Where I’ll be putting my all into bringing distinctive, advanced ideas. I’m excited for the challenges and new experiences that come my way, while taking a step closer to where I want to be in the near future.

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