I’ve noticed that some people weren’t sharing

    I’ve demonstrated the skill of working collaboratively. This skill includes listening and responding appropriately, construct and follow group guidelines, assign, understand and complete tasks on time, following guidelines and contribute individually to the group.     I’ve been taking computer science for about 2 years and I am currently in AP computer science.  The teacher that teaches AP and regular Computer Science also teaches math, so she deals with upper and underclassmen. After each semester everyone in her classes has to do a 20-time project, depending on whether you have math or computer science determines what kind of project you have to do.  For my class, we had to code a scenery using a website called code.org. She told us that we could work on the project individually or in a group.The people and I that I was sitting next to decided that we all should work in a group. I had no problem with that so I agreed to work with them.Everyone in the group was assigned to work on a different part of the scenery; I had to work on the river and the grass and the three others worked on the Mountains, trees, and the sky.  After everyone was assigned to work on a part of the project we realized we had one problem, we weren’t able to see everyone’s codes in code.org. We all decided that everyone should place their code in a Google Document and share it amongst each other. Everyone was doing their part and we had no problems in the beginning, but later I noticed that some people weren’t sharing their code on the Google Doc and some people didn’t work on their part of the project. So when I got to class, I was kind of mad and upset, I could have started complaining and made a scene about it; instead, we all talked it over and resolved the whole situation. Luckily, we all finished it in time and everyone got a good grade on the project and the scenery turned out pretty good too.     This skill is essential for me and my career because I know that being able to communicate properly, being able to complete my assigned tasks and equally contributing to my group or team will determine whether or not I can properly function in group or team. Being able to work collaboratively with a group of people can be very difficult but it is an essential skill everyone should acquire. 

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