Young drivers and riders are the risk factors of crash involvement in the world. Inexperience in young age contribute to high risk for these drivers and riders. Study has shown that younger drivers has more higher risk of crashing rather than older drivers. Being a young male is highly predictive of crash. It has been researched that young men have higher rate of crash involvement rather than woman especially in their first few years of driving, even when corrected exposure of risk. Another study of injuries in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore has shown that the first year of driving has been one of the highest risk of crash after provisional license (Peden et al., 2004). There is evidence that risk taking characteristic of young riders in motorcycle  contribute to motorcycle accident. The risk taking behavior among motorcycle drivers may include speeding, drinking while riding, not using a helmet while riding, unlicenced riding, and running yellow lights (Lin and Kraus, 2009).

Alcohol intake while driving increases the rate of road crash and outcome of injury and death. The risk increases exponentially as more the alcohol intake. People with BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.02 g/dl and 0.05 g/dl have a minimum of three times greater risk of fatality in road crash. A BAC of 0.05 g/dl and 0.08 g/dl have at least six times greater risk of fatality in road crash and will rise exponentially for a BAC above 0.08 g/dl. Drinking has also been associated with high risk road behaviours such as speeding and not wearing safety belts. Young and novice driver have more risk than experience and older driver when under the influence of alcohol (Global status report on road safety 2015, 2015). Alcohol is the drug associated  most frequently with all kind of motor vehicle crashs, moreover motorcycle drivers are more likely to have consumed alcohol than are other motor-vehicle drivers in fatal or non fatal crashes (NHTSA, 2007). 

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