Eugenides by people. Kirkus reviews says it

published three novels where all the three were drawn up to a great success.
Eugenide’s novel are the collected materials from his personal life. The first
published work was a  short story Capricious Garden, which appeared in a
periodicals, The Gettysburg Review in
 Middlesex was published in
2002 by Farrar, Straus, Giroux and won the Pulitzer prize for fiction. It
consists of four books which contains eight chapters respectively. This novel
was also a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award  and International Dublin Literary Award.
Eugenides has combined the novel with facts and fictions. It is written in the
form of memoir. But it switches between the first and the second person. This
novel is said to be his own experience whereas he denied to write it as an
autobiography. He also takes up the reality of his grandparents lifestyle and
the places they lived. His novel also includes his elder brother, who withdrew
from the society. Eugenides felt that, few words related to his relatives might
be personal to them and so he deleted the offensive words in order to avoid
hurting them. The novel specially deals with the gender identity and intersex
status. Greek mythical allusions and ethnic identity was also a part of it.
Humor and irony was used often in his work. Eugenides was obsessed with
‘verbose voluptuousness’ and it was shown in several passages of the novel. For
eg.,” I sat in my seat, in a state of voluptuousness, until my stop. Then I
staggered out.” The  novel moves up with
the protagonist  Cal Stephanides. It
represents the three generations of the Stephanides whereas Cal was the third
generation child of  Stephanide’s family.
Cal was viwed as (s)he in the novel.Various genres were suggested and viewed by
people. Kirkus reviews says it as, “virtuosic combination of elegy, study and
picaresque adventure”. Adam Begley in the ‘New York Observer’ calls it as, ” a
hybrid form, epic crossed with history, romance, comedy, tragedy”. 

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