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15 characters most likely die in Avengers: Infinity WarMovies from the Marvel Tops UniverseCommentsLook, we all know that Marvel’s film universe in its current form can not continue indefinitely. Unlike pen drawings, the actors have to age, and we can not continue the films of Captain America in the 2030s, so let’s talk about the great cosmic elephant in space. Avengers: The war of infinity is coming and someone is going to die. I do not like the idea, but hey, we’re all waiting for her, who will she be? Well, let’s see the potential victims and find out who under Avenger’s Mansion gets six feet tall.Source: comicvine.gamespot.comHonorable Mention 1: DraxYes, it is very unlikely, but that is why it is an honorable mention and not an entry.It is very likely that Drax will at least stay with the Guardians 3, but if they wanted to kill one of the guards of the galaxy, it would be him who would accompany them. Because? Well, I’ll tell you. Drax is a being driven by anger and revenge. He is the destroyer. And although the Guardians’ first film rewrote Ronan’s origin to be directly responsible for the murder of his wife rather than Thanos, we already know that Ronan did it with Thanos.Besides, if they wanted to adjust it, they could do anything: “Drax’s daughter adapted to Thanos and became a Moondragon,” which would give Drax an even greater reason to see Thanos die. We already know that Drax wants Thanos to be dead, and it would be a tragically beautiful moment for him to see that he’s done with his only real goal. The chances of Buuuuut are that it will not happen.Likelihood of death: 1 in 200.Source: comicvine.gamespot.comHonorable Mention 2: The Winter SoldierI mean, that would be shocking.Yes, I assumed Bucky would be our next Captain America after Steve retired, whether he died or not, but what if he is not? What if they go with Sam Wilson? Then you have a Bucky to do. And it would be a good idea to kill him to give Steve a crucial motivation to come to the final dispute. Bucky died in comics. I mean, for decades it was the most remarkable thing about him.However, after taking on the role of Steve’s Captain America, he died again while Fear himself, although it was super-temporary and happened only by accident. What he did. He later became the man on the wall before becoming a winter soldier again. What is he now? He actually leads the thunderbolt.Likelihood of death: 1 in 175.Source: screenrant.com15th Maria hillIf you do not want to kill a super-major, Maria Hill has been here long enough to fill Coulson’s position.I have always loved him since his first appearances in the Secret War. He took control of SHIELD from an unfortunate Nick Fury and led it during the Marvel’s Civil War event, after which he was replaced by Tony Stark. However, as Deputy Director, things did not work without problems. He fought Skrull’s intruders during the Secret Invasion, was driven out by SHIELD when he became HAMMER during Dark Reign, and returned to the fold to help Thor during the siege.Later, when Steve Rogers became director of SHIELD, he began working with the full-time Avengers. She followed Daisy Johnson as a director when she fell out of favor with Op on AIM Island and disgraced herself after publishing her Pleasant Hill project. Currently, he avoids SHIELD’s current boss and HYDRA secret agent Steve “Captain America” ??Rogers.Likelihood of death: 1 in 150.

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