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BizBudg Software.

is an online budgeting and forecasting software for small to medium size
businesses. As per, BizBudg is designed to help the customer to
create his business budget profit and loss whether he knows what he is doing
and had enough of the spreadsheet issues or whether he don’t even know where to
start! BizBudg is designed to help a customer to create his profit and loss
budget in minutes. It is suitable for companies with multiple users, has no
spreadsheets and has a built-in forecasting functionality. BizBudg was founded
in 2013 by Australian company called BizBudg. Its price varies between $9 to
$240 monthly payment which depends on a plan and number of users a customer
need for his business. In addition, BizBudg offers a 60 days free trial for all
new customers.

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target market is “small to medium business with little experience in budgeting
or currently using spread sheets who would like help with starting to budget or
to improve on their process with spread sheets.” (

though, Bizbudg is only four years in business its customers are satisfied with
its service. So, one of the customers, Jeffrey Key, left an honest review
describing his experience with Bizbudg software “I was tired of paying a
premium to hire an accounting firm to come in and check my books. I even had a
CPA on staff for a while and the finances still did not add up correctly.  I found a better solution in BizBudg
software.  I have no need for an
accountant of any kind as all of your budgeting needs are met with their
intuitive program. I have already saved over 10,000 dollars from making the
switch and everything always comes out accurate. I am very pleased!”
(XLSDownLoad – Amazon S3 – Amazon AWS).



NetSuite Software.

is a business management software suite offered as a service that performs
enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management functions,
professional services automation, OpenAir and more. This software provides
services in many different industries such as retail, wholesale distribution,
manufacturing and professional services across 160+ countries. “NetSuite’s
original company name was NetLedger and its initial product was an online
accounting software solution. Founded in the State of California in 1998,
Netsuite was reincorporated in the State of Delaware in 2007. The company was
seeded with start-up capital from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in additional to a
host of key staff previously employed at Oracle.Net” ( Today, Netsute’s
price begins at $99 per user a month, but there is also a need for a license
purchasing which is sold for additional price of $999 per-month.

NetSuite has more than 40,000 organization
using its software. Therefore, organizations working with that software leave
reviews sharing their experience “”We run our entire business through NetSuite,
from design to (


Cougar Mountain DENALI.

Mountain Software was founded in 1982 by Bob Gossett. Over 61% of Cougar
Mountain Software customers use the company’s products in excess of 16 years.”
( Today, Cougar Mountain Software offers a business
accounting software for manufacturing, nonprofits and public services
organizations. Their flagship product Denali is a core accounting solution with
applications for general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable,
inventory management and order entry. Denali solution is composed of three
products: Denali Business, Denali Fund and Denali Payroll. Denali Business
accounting software offers accounting functionalities including auditing,
reporting, data analysis and multi-location inventory management. Denali Funds
is a grant, donation, event and overhead accounting solution for nonprofits.
Denali Payroll Processing solution is capable of assisting businesses in
monitoring and controlling the flow of business assets. The price for Denali
software is based on a subscription model and cost $1999 per month with free
trial available for new customers. Cougar Mountain Software targeting in
variety of different industries such as nonprofit organizations, public
services, life manufacturing and medical equipment rental.

Mountain DENALI has been satisfying customers for many years. One of many
reviews is given as example here, “It’s a real nightmare when you get audited.
It’s even worse when the accounting software you paid good money for doesn’t
facilitate the aforementioned audit. Now, with Cougar Mountain accounting
software, we don’t have to worry about a thing. Running a non-profit is
challenging enough and keeping up with the accounting doesn’t make it any less
challenging. We weren’t taking any chances this time around so we went with
CM’s Denali Business Summit edition.” (  James from Technology intelligence Agency –
non-profit organization with 2-10 employees.


Adaptive Planning.

Planning, Inc. is a privately held software-as-a-service Company headquartered
in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in 2003 and delivers an
on-demand Corporate Performance Management solution to over 1,000 clients and
20,000 users worldwide. Adaptive Planning, Inc. is the maker of the Adaptive
Planning application. The Adaptive Planning application is used for corporate
budgeting, forecasting, reporting, consolidation, KPI analysis, dashboards, and
variance analysis.

Planning has a custom pricing models based on users, revenue, and other
factors, so its price is starting from $800 per year/user and can go up as per
customer needs. Adaptive Planning was created to ease the continuous planning
and rolling forecasts. Many restaurant and management companies benefit from
Adaptive Planning. “With nearly 500 restaurants worldwide, we wanted to move
planning beyond finance and out to the restaurants where the action is. We were
challenged to find a solution that each restaurant manager could use, yet still
had the powerful capabilities we needed to manage the complex planning and
modeling of the entire organization. JIM BELL, CFO, P.F. CHANG’S” (


Scoro Software.

 Scoro is a cloud-based professional services
solution for small to midsize companies in advertising, consulting, IT and
other industries. The solution provides a control hub that displays outstanding
tasks, account information, key performance indicators, calendar events and
more all on a single screen.   Scoro was
founded by Fred Krieger, Kristina Lilleõis and Priit Matiisen in 2013, in Tallinn
Estonia. Scoro’s price is starting from $22 a month and based on a subscription

            “Scoro’s project management tools
allow users to create project budgets, allocate non-billable and billable work,
manage meetings, tasks, invoices, expenses, files, and more. All project
information can be managed in a single page, and team progress can be tracked
in real-time. Configurable tags and statuses allow users to manage their
project portfolio in the way that best suits their business. Work can be
planned and scheduled through the Scoro Planner, which gives users an overview
of individual workloads, available slots, potential overbookings, and
reasonable deadlines. Meetings can be scheduled in a shared calendar, and
linked to customers and projects to give participants a full overview. Each user
can manage their own task list based on deadlines, task priorities, statuses,
and projects. Completed tasks and calendar events are automatically added to
employees’ work reports, removing the need for timesheets.” (

that Scoro is a young company, its been solving its clients’ needs providing a
high level of quality. So, Miks from SIA CEMETY, one of the customers responds
about Scoro: “Scoro fully covers the company’s needs with communication notes,
job and project planning and billing. We were some cases where was required
specific configuration., Scoro Helpdesk helped it as a matter of urgency” (


conclusion, with todays variety od software’s available on market companies need
carefully research and explore for a best software suitable for a specific company.
Free trials may help companies and their professionals to make the correct decision.

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