To measured by how much money a

To most of the world, success is
measured by how much money a person has or how much is he or she make a year. People
often say they are successful if they are rich; it is just a stereotype. This
is not the right way to define success and measure it.

Most Americans used to define
success as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame”. This is
an example about how is success being measured by how much money someone has. Almost
everyone dreams about being rich when they grow up and being able to afford
their dream house, dream car, and even being able to go all around the world.
That’s why people want to get a job that pays well, so they can afford all what they used to think about when they were kids. That
is why people measure success with wealth because all they always wanted is

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University newest survey suggests that it is about time to update the
dictionaries definition of success. 90% of the people surveyed believe that
success is more about happiness than it is about power, possessions, or
prestige. The way people are viewing success is different than it used to be before.

Gates defines success as having good relationships and leaving a legacy behind.
He says: “Warren Buffett has always said the measure of success is whether the
people close to you are happy and love you”. He also added “it is also nice to
feel like you made a difference- inventing something or raising kids or helping
people in need”.  Bill Gates is the 2nd
richest man in the world at the moment and was #1 for the longest. He was the
first one to ever break the $100 Billion record in 1999. If anyone knows
anything about success it should be him. He does not measure success by wealth,
but by family, relationships, and helping the world and that is what he’s doing
indeed. He donated $4.6 Billion to charity in 2016 just because he wants to
help the less fortunate and feel accomplished.

way I see it, I believe there is not one specific way to measure success or
some criteria someone has to match in order to be successful. We have to take
into account where did the person start from, what were his goals, where is he
now. By where did the person start from, I mean was the person already rich or
was he poor? If someone was poor and he is not anymore, that should count as
success. The persons goals also count. If someone had goals and he did achieve
them, I think that counts as success. Again, there is not one specific way to
measure success. But you can always tell a successful person when you see them.
Failure does not affect success as long as the person jumps right back up and
keeps going on his way to achieve his goal. You need to fall down and get back
up so you can learn from your mistakes and avoid it next time it is in your

what I think Success is. It is what everyone strives and works for. We all want
to be called successful and as long we are happy and where we want to be then
we are successful and no one can tell us otherwise. It is very hard to actually
measure success and what it stands for because there isn’t one way to measure

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