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In the Islamic Republic of Iran, judges can pick the strategy for execution. The most broadly perceived write for execution is hanging. Other specific strategies for execution consolidate stoning to death, issued in cases of treachery, beheading and hurling from a feign, which are on occasion issued for strike or homosexuality.  Hanging Death-push prisoners were generally hanged without trying to hide various years before the 1979 change, among various spots, at a square in southern Tehran, which was called ‘Maydan-e E’dam’. Stoning. Under the Islamic Penal Code, it is a to an incredible degree troublesome endeavor to exhibit sex/disloyalty. It may be shown if a criminal concedes four times under the observer of a judge or by the announcement of “four just men or three just men and two just ladies”.


Crime level in Iran.

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The rate of criminal activity in the country has lessened by 5% versus the prior year, said police delegate for wrongdoing, Aria Hajizadeh.

“The rate of uncovering wrongdoing has extended by 7% appeared differently in relation to a year prior,” he expressed, Mehr News Agency declared. 

Equipped theft in like manner reduced by 7.5% in the midst of a comparative period. Solution trafficking is the most generally perceived wrongdoing in Iran. Iran is a key travel point for drugs from southwest Asia to Europe. It confers a 975-kilometer typical edge to Afghanistan-the world’s opium capital. Very nearly 40% of prisoners in Iran have been condemned on quiet related charges. According to official figures, Iran has so far lost almost 3,500 police and security officers to the counter drug campaign that yearly costs the nation about $1 billion.



The laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran sentence by death a broad number of offenses, including offenses that are not considered as “most veritable” under the widespread law – particularly political, money related, calm related consequently called sexual offenses. The current draft institution on the parliament’s inspiration would diminish the degree of capital punishment to a particular degree, however, extend it to forsakenness and expand its expansion because of indefinitely communicated offenses, e.g. “debasement on earth.” The methodologies for execution may themselves signify a fierce and adulterating treatment: stoning remains the train for unfaithfulness, while people condemned to death for various offenses are hanged. Hanging reliably occurs without trying to hide, a preparation that repudiates general human rights rules. Basic culture in Iran is all things considered, arranged against death by stoning and capital punishment for adolescent liable gatherings. In any case, there are no unreservedly available estimations on the number of capital disciplines verbalized and executions realized, and this keeps any informed open prudent dialog on these practices. Taking everything into account, the capital punishment it is difficult to state that it diminishes wrongdoing level.

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