Literature is seen through social and cultural

Literature is a reflection of the world and it is a
tool which measures the diverse swings of human existence. Goan literature in
English and in translation is no exception to this fact representing the
persistent human emotions and exposing the pertinent human flaws has always
been the prime motive of literature.Indian literature in English has flourished
considerably reflecting the Indian sensibility culture and traditions.


Goan writing in Konkani and Marathi too, continue
to reflect in Goa. Goan identity is seen through social and cultural fabric of
society. The writing of Goan authors show a balanced perspective on Goan
identity. Goan literature has been fast emerging in the last two decades. It
has made distinctive contribution to Indian literature because of its unique

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The house is made of bricks and stones but the home
is made of love alone. It is the woman who makes the home worth living. A home
without a woman is like a wilderness. The women in the role of a wife has the
utmost significance since ages. Since the dawn of the civilization she has been
a myth and a legend.


Women is considered as the backbone of a family.
Marriage is the turning point in a women life. In India, a girls womanhood is
complete once she is married. Once she crosses her marriageable age she is
pressurized by the society and at home as well. Both in literature and life,
the roles as a mother and wife overlap. Wifehood is followed by motherhood in
most of the societies. Until recently, majority writers were men and the
portrayal of women in literature was one sided. Women loss their identity as
soon as they marry and bare children. She is confined to look after her
household, take care of the family. Every girl, right in their early age dreams
of getting married and raising a family, when a women achieves their goal, she
loses her identity due to many roles she is forced to play. Women are
imprisoned by many roles they have to play, but it is essentially self imposed.
Although these imprisonment would not be self imposed if it was not the
societal pressure on women to fit into this mold.


At some point it won’t be wrong to say that woman
plays a important role for the ill treatment that women  in the society.
As woman is the one who tell her daughter her limits and her son his freedom.
She herself is responsible for her condition. As said by Daisy in  Scott
Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby “I hope
she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful
little fool”.  Women are forced to carry out these roles because of
societies traditional view of the role women should play, and young women are
pressured to follow in their mother’s footsteps. Her life revolves around her
children and husband, her responsibilities are never far from thought. Consequently,
women lose their identity because they are so caught up in being a wife and
mother that they no longer have time to pursue their own desire. Women are
increasingly becoming career women while raising a family at the same time.
Despite the fact that women have the job of raising their family, many women
also have full time career because the extra income is needed in the family.
Some men criticise women for trying to act too much like men, but women are
being forced by society to move between the traditional definition of male and
female roles, because of the many different task they have to carry out in
their day to day living. for example in order for the women to enter the male
world of work, they have to obtain masculine traits and leave their feminine
traits at home. Bearing children is expected in today’s society, because
nurturing and childcare are viewed as feminine traits. Women are conditioned at
a young age to believe that once they are adults they will become mothers. If a
middle-aged, married woman doesn’t have any children, people often assume that
there is a biological reason for her lack of children. Motherhood is expected
by society but contrary to popular belief,many psychologist believe that it is
not instinct, but a learned desire. Once a woman has children her life becomes
an extension of a children’s life. She has to provide for and take care of her
children and she can no longer put herself first, because she is expected to
always have her family’s best interests in mind.


Nevertheless things are changing slowly. It is
evident that on the surface they appear to be happy souls but on inside they
are unhappy and suffocated. It isn’t until things in life are going poorly that
women let themselves realize that they have feelings. Women have lost touch
with who they are and are many a times running away from their own selves
because they have been busy masking themselves in order to kmaintainew their
family. Due to this expectations that are placed on women, eventually a woman who
is married and bears children will become only a empty and hollow image of a
mother and wife instead of a

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