Agile of their marketing programs, their brand

Agile marketing has proven to be one of the most vital business concepts leading to success in both individualized customer experience, as well as overall product performance. The key component of this type of marketing, agility, represents an organization’s ability to assess environmental change and then efficiently and effectively respond to that change. This approach improves the predictability, adaptability, speed, and transparency to change of the marketing function. Being able to tailor their efforts in a quick manner is a must for marketers, so to successfully respond to changes that occur in market conditions, customer behavior, and business direction to benefit market share. By doing so, marketers will gain the ability to gain a more individualized connection with customers in a dependable, effective and engaging way, therefore achieving better customer experience. As a result of keeping customers up to date with all marketing affairs and therefore gaining a legitimate grasp of their habits and issues, marketers put themselves in the best position of creating rewarding relationships.Marketing agility is centered around the ability of marketing organizations to collaborate in an efficient fashion, while also being able to adjust their performance to potential changes. In combination with this, it is imperative that marketing organizations also focus on the execution of the following key initiatives:Centralizing the management of all marketing programsWhen marketing organizations centralize the management of their marketing programs, their brand image is unified and customers are more familiar with all marketing initiatives, marketing talents and budgets. Making a profit also becomes easier as there is more accountability in terms of accomplishing the organization’s objectives.Aligning marketing activities to budgets and spending accountsBy aligning marketing activities to budget and spending accounts, marketers will allow their organizations to run more smoothly and lead way to better success. When marketing organizations are able to manage their financial resources, deal with potential issues and gain a clear picture of how their budget and business strategy impact one another, they can assign their investments and spending in the most effective way. Developing reusable process workflowsReusable process workflows give marketers more flexibility and diversity with how many times they can use a workflow within an organization. It guarantees that the correct people get the proper information at the right time. Responding at the speed of the customerMarketers need to ensure that they respond promptly to customers’ needs and that they put this as a priority. Customers build trust with marketing organizations based on how reliable they believe the company to be and how swiftly they adhere to them. Marketing organizations need to be able to keep up with their clients or they put themselves at risk of falling behind other organizations that are willing to do so.Adjusting campaign execution based on analytical insightsBeing able to take available insights and data and adjusting the execution of campaigns based on that information is a vital skill for marketing organizations. Taking information as it comes in and adapting to change provides businesses with the ability to stay up to date with the ever growing and shifting work environment. Improving marketing performance by employing proven strategies for successUsing previous strategies that were known to be successful to help with future marketing performance is a tactic that will never be outdated. Keeping up with current times is important, but it is also essential that marketing organizations learn from the past and use that as a positive influence on executing  potential changes.Remaining agile throughout a campaign so changes can be made in real timeThis revolves around the core concept of agile marketing-the ability to effectively respond to change in an environment. If changes aren’t made in current time to when they are needed, an entire campaign can fall apart. Avoiding this greatly increases success rates.  There are three primary operations considerations in agile marketing. The first is Planning & Spend Management, which is the ability to fully access limited marketing resources so that marketers can get the most ROI from their marketing initiatives. Next is Workflow & Collaboration Management, or the ability to prioritize and execute all incoming marketing requests with pre-established, reusable workflows. And finally, Digital Asset Management, the ability to design, edit, produce, and deliver creative assets that consistently and automatically invoke executive, marketing, and legal approval mechanisms.The benefits of increasing marketing agility are both measurable and substantial. Organizations that are considered highly agile have reported that they meet goals and business objectives 83% of the time, compared to less agile organizations, who only report to meeting those goals and objectives 59% of the time. Increase in productivity is a big one, which can be measured in ways such as completed marketing tasks, results, points, etc. There is also more transparency, allowing other branches of management to see the whereabouts of marketing. Because two agile marketing core values are accountability and measurability, this emphasis better developes marketing’s contribution communication skills. Customer satisfaction also increases as a result of customer needs being met quickly and with honesty, encouraging them to make a purchasing decision. Agile marketing allows for marketing teams to have a better overall connection with their different departments and allows for improved communication internally and with their customers. Experience and performance will not only improve exponentially, but marketers’ ability to do their job will prove to be more straightforward and more fun. Being able to share and collaborate with the people you work with makes way for greater respect and satisfaction throughout the workplace.

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