REFLECTIVE project quality is met and achieved.

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL  QUALITY ASSURANCESUBMITTED TO:INAM REHMANSUBMITTED BY:RAVI CHANDRA REDDY YASAC0713450 DATE OF SUBMISSION JANUARY 15, 2018 LECTURED DELIVERY DATE JANUARY 11, 2018ABSTRACTQuality assurance is a way of preventing the mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding the problems when delivering solutions to the customers.  Quality assurance managers ensure product meets certain standards or quality. We can check  the quality assurance by the quality audits, these audits are made by the people from the same organization or from different organization.According to PMBOK, Quality Assurance is the process of auditing the quality requirements and the results from quality control measurements to ensure that appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are used.In class we mainly discussed what is quality assurance and the difference between the quality management and quality assurance.  The main  difference between them is  quality assurance  is process oriented and  quality management is product oriented. We can explain them as quality assurance  provides the confidence that quality requirements is fulfilled at every step in the process and quality management is  focused on fulfilling  quality requirements .Importance of  quality assurance in project management:Project managers are responsible for developing quality policies for the  project and coordination of  related activities in compliance with any organization and regularly standards. Quality assurance provides the confidence that project quality is met and achieved. The project management and project team are responsible for the execution of project quality management plan and assuring that the project is performing according to the standards defined within the plan.Quality  audits is an example for the quality assurance.What I learnt:Quality assurance make sure that the quality is maintained through the process. It focuses on the processes used in the project to generate project deliverables. From what I understood, quality assurance is process-based and prevent defect deliverables in the planning stage and avoids the rework and saves the money.I learned that sometimes the customers are not satisfied  with the product and the reasons for their unsatisfaction and how to minimize and avoid these kind of situations. We can miniseries and avoid these situations by analyzing the situation.I also learned how to improve the quality as a quality assurance process. If the machines are not good or the person who is looking after the quality assurance is not adequate then the customers will not satisfy with the product. Classmate participation:Ed very well explained the reason why the customers are not satisfied by the final product and Ananias also explained the same.Chintan and Ana mike explained the difference between the quality assurance and quality control, chintan was almost correct and anamika said the quality people come and check the quality assurance during the process.My participation:Well my participation is minimum and explained what is metrics and the rot cause analysis method that is ishikawa diagram.Conclusion:Finally we can say that quality assurance plays a major role in the product outcome of the project. Quality assurance is defect free and ensures the customer satisfaction by focusing the processes utilized in the project. The difference between the quality assurance and quality control is to be known by the quality assurance people, to avoid the defects and ensuring the costumer satisfaction.                                                                         ReferencesProject management book of knowledge (PMBOK, 5th edition)

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