Partnering and Strategic alliances both are important for the growth of the business. Partnering means understanding and trust by working together for benefits. Partnering influence, a lot to control and utilize to bring profits for the organizations. Strategic alliances are an agreement between two or more organizations to run after the needed goals and other independent associations. Different forms of quality partnering and strategic alliances are, Internal partnering, Education and Business Partnership, Global partnering, partnering with suppliers, partnering with costumers and Partnering with Potential competitors. For example, Education partnership also provides certificate training to the students and recruiting to their organization partnering with the IT organizations.

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The alliance will be good if they maintain quality in terms of supplies. Few companies directly contact the customers which give more profits. The reason for quality improvement for any organization development is quality culture and merge throughout the company, it has values, beliefs, attitudes and behavior pattern distinguish the members of the associations. Cultural change is very hard for an organization to face. Senior executives who fail see the cultural change, allow the employees to lead the organization for gaining. Cultural change requires support, ideas, trust and leadership goals from employees at all levels.

The advantage of partnering and strategic alliances is to speed up the products, production, and sales. By these, we can produce a number of new organizations, brand awareness all over the globe. The disadvantage is making an issue of the product plan. With successes in partnering and strategic alliances is a perfect plan, understanding the situation on current, maintain quality which leads to goals.



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