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As reported by an online news agency from Ukraine named, Pavel Lerner has been the victim of a kidnapping. The 40-year-old Lerner is the director of EXMO, an English cryptocurrency exchange service. He is also responsible for a few different startups that work with digital currencies like Bitcoin. Moreover, he is also active in crypto mining. Reports gathered indicate that Lerner was taken hostage in the vicinity of Stepan Bandera Prospect, formerly known as Moscow Prospect. Unidentified men took him by force and dragged him into a Mercedes Vito. wrote in a rough translation:”The managing director was pulled into a Merecedes van, model name Vito and license plate number AA 2063 MT by a couple of men dressed in black outfits and masks before the car sped off “The police are working on finding the kidnapped man and taking into consideration any lead they can if it helps solve the case. EXMO, the company which Pavel Lerner was a managing director of state in a recent report that they are working with authorities to help find the missing man. What’s more, clients of the company were reassured that this unfortunate event will have no bearing on trading or their private data because Lerner cannot obtain access to it directly. Their announcement states: “The problem is real. We are doing everything possible to speed up the search for Pavel Lerner. The company would be grateful for any information to aid in the search for Pavel. Despite everything, the platform is working as usual. Pavel’s activity in the company does not affect the access to cold storage or other user information.”Information obtained from trustworthy sources shows that EXMO is a significant online exchange that performs more than $100 transaction on a day to day basis. EXMO also offers trading services to those who want to buy digital currencies with Russian rubles. EXMO is perhaps the biggest companies for crypto trading, so it’s no wonder some people are speculating there is more to this story. Who is Pavel Lerner? After searching through Ukrainian media, we found out that Pavel Lerner is originally from Kursk, even though he has been living in the Catalan city of Barcelona and coming to Kiev only from time to time. Lerner official position for the last four years has been “Head of Analytics & trading at EXMO”.Some media reports state that EXMO has had trouble with the Russian telecom regulatory body “Roskomnadzor” which took away its .com domain. After that Lerner registered the EXMO.ME domain under his own name in Russia, but the company is still in dispute with the Russian government decision. This puts EXMO among the few exchanges that have taken up a fight against a court decision that marks a crackdown on these kinds of services. In related news, EXMO revealed in a Twitter post that they have been the target of a DDoS attack two days after the kidnapping happened.

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