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your dogs barking there’s a dog park right outside of my building and I get to
face it all day while I work it’s the best thing ever but anyways here little
Bobby’s parking that’s why hey guys and welcome back to my channel for today’s
video it isn’t so on this video and totally owed you guys this video from the
week that I was moving and I didn’t get a video up that week and then I
supposed to do a bonus video the following week anyway I don’t know why I’m
explaining this you guys but I decided to drop in to surprise you guys so this
video for today video I’m going to be doing one of the many videos in the
January theme and it is going to be six healthy habits before successful people
six times you should do if you just want to be you know more productive and
happy and organized if you guys aren’t following me already I’ll top my Twitter
my screen right here on the screen definitely come check it out and of that if
you guys want to know the six healthy habits to change your life and just keep
watching okay so the first data is getting up earlier which is so I know over
said over done but this tip will change your life even if you have work early
in your force’ gap trying to even a bit earlier than that so you can get more
done within your day it is ridiculous the things that we can get done when we
know that there’s something else we have to do aka if you know you of school
you know you have works you know I got all these other things if you get up and
you get like one to two things done before you even go to school or work or whatever
it is you do it sets the tone for the rest of your day to be so much more
productive and you’ll be in a way better mood so set your alarm a little bit
earlier so when your body gets into the routine of waking up early it just becomes
an easier thing to do if you struggle with getting up in the morning I have a
few tips for you guys because definitely in the winter months I find I struggle
with it more because it’s so dark when I’m trying to get up few tips that I’ve
learned is one to put my phone on the other side of the room and on full-blast
and to not allow snooze on my alarm actually gives you the option to turn
snooze off and if I know that I can’t hit snooze because there is no snooze
I’ll see more force to get up because there’s no other alarm that’s going to
wake me up prepare for your warning in advance the night before set out what you’re
going to wear so your workout clothes if you plan on working out in the morning
make your lunch kind of get you put your mug out by your machine just have
everything I don’t know if that’s just like a super nerdy thing that I like to
do but when I have everything planned and ready to go by the time I go to bed
it’ll look makes me excited to wake up in the morning because I’ve already
started off so organized having a morning routine it just kind of gives me
something to look forward to in the morning you know I have my like the way I
go about doing things making my coffee making a smoothie and it makes me so
excited to get up in the morning and it’s just super beneficial so I highly
recommend doing that these second habit that will change your life is to prep
your meals this will change your life even if you’re not doing it for the sake
of getting healthier if you’re you want to save money if you want to stop
eating so much junk if you want to feel better and not only that makes eating
crappy or foods or like going out for food more of like a treat definitely
start meal prepping your food I’m going to let you know what’s actually going
into your body be it’s going to give you more control and also it’s going to
make it so that you’re not so lazy and then you know order up food or just make
something really crappy and fast every time I go to these groceries I’ll write it
like a meal cap and I do meal prep on Sundays and Thursdays I’m not though what
meals and what snacks I’m going to have and it makes my grocery list nice and
easy that way I’m not overspending or over buying I can budget what I’m trying
to go for it keeps me eating so healthy this is like one thing that is doing
this is when I saw the most change in my body I’ve been doing other pretty relatively
consistent with working out I would say at least in 2016 and I didn’t actually
start seeing changes to my body until I started meal prepping and circuit
training honestly guys meal prep is will change your life the expired habit I
have to change your life is to start reading more and I know that’s very
generic reading it actually makes such a difference on the way we are the way
we speak it doesn’t even have to be nonfiction you can read whatever floats your
boat but I find just forcing myself to do two chapters every other day it keeps
us on I’m not constantly forcing myself to read every single day and getting
bored with it right now I’m reading read clean and even though it’s like a teen
fiction just going through the storyline in your head if you’re reading
nonfiction like you are a badass or the solo art of not giving us up books like
that reading two chapters every other day or going to expand your knowledge is
going to expand your vocabulary it’s going to get your mind the gutter all the
time and I was just like what’s in front of us and what’s going on our lives
all the time and it also constantly keeps your brain working it’s kind of like
an exercise for your brain and if you don’t like to read physical books and you
struggle concentrating hi I am the exact same way and what I recommend is
honestly get audio book because even when I know it’s a day that I want to get
two chapters in but I’m not in the mood to sit down and open up physical book
top and headphones in or just play it out loud while I’m cleaning or doing
dishes or making my meal preps and it gets my two chapters out of the way and
come well it’s such a refreshing and just good thing to do is just a really
good habit to do the fourth habit that is going to change your life is
budgeting your meat or your month this is so easy to do you just map out how
much money you have incoming and then what are your necessities aka like rent
bill your insurance anything like that so map that out and then whatever you
have left but disaster the rest of the month will for the week so if you give
yourself like a hundred dollars of spending money every single week that could
include your groceries if you have a little bit of extra money you could go to
a movie if you can budget in something that you’re trying to save up for
whether it be like a nice camera or a new card when you start realizing where
all of your money is being spent is it’s crazy it’s blew me away the amount of
money that I spent last year on food disgusted me to my cores the amount of
money I spent on Starbucks disgusted me to my course giving myself a budget and
then mapping it out weekly and monthly and then also it kind of makes it a
little fun because if I save a little bit more than I was expecting I can spend
it on like a candle or something I just really want to do that week or
something that’s like a little bit of a treat for myself a huge tip that I
recommend with doing this is I do all of my budgeting in my planner so I’ll do
it on my monthly spreadsheet which I actually learned my sister was showing me
that she does that so now I don’t know how to doing it and then if I know if
there’s any expenses coming like trips and things I’ll budget out a chunk of
money for those and put it in the calendar and then by the end of the month
writing down how much I should still have in my account for savings writing
down those totals and doing you out a monthly spreadsheet makes it a visual thing
for you life changing does have it to pick up that will actually change your
life and it’s such a simple one again is just walking more go for more walks
whether the erector neighborhood your city if you’re traveling first of all is
getting the fresh air is so good for us that we don’t even realize it like we
stay inside so much that we forget to get fresh air even if you don’t have a
dog throw in some headphones and just go for a stroll around your neighborhood
you have a corner store or a grocery store close enough to you to walk instead
of driving this is ten fifteen minute walk do that this is kind of what I
started doing in terms of my own sense of meditation I shoveled sitting down
and meditating sometimes and just trying to focus so I find when I walk that’s
when I get to think and work through things that I’m going through hop my
headphones in I’ll take that leap will walk around for fifteen twenty thirty
minutes and it’s such an added bonus that it keeps you active even if you don’t
have time to work out through the weeks going on walks is a good workout as
long as you’re doing it consistently such a simple habit to have and a simple
have it to make but it will change your life and then my last and final habits
change alike is pick one day a week that you get your shit together I honestly
didn’t have it is something I’ve been doing for so long every single week to
pick one day be whatever day works for you Mondays Saturdays Sundays and just
have that day to get your shit together because that will keep you on top of everything
on a weekly basis looking yourself in for getting like lapses or taking care of
like your nails and your hair and like you know washing your makeup brushes
cleaning your apartment taking out the garbage meal prepping planning out your
groceries budgeting your week planning out your weeks in your day planner all
of these things are things that I plan on Sundays Sunday I get my actual shit
together I take like a nice hot bath or a hot shower I do a deep conditioner in
my hair I do a face mask it keeps me on top of everything it keeps me on top of
my hygiene keeps me on top of keeping my surroundings clean not only that it’s
just like a such a nice way to end the week and start Monday so fresh getting
tasks done that you’ve been procrastinating like cleaning your closet or
watching your dog just do those things planned one day every single week where
you just get all of the stuff that you need to get done done guys in four by
six healthy success will have it to change your life I hope you guys enjoyed
let me know down below if you guys already doing any of these or if you plan on
doing any of these and if you guys have any tips that you think have changed your
life for the better to make a happier and more successful leave those down
below – I hope you guys enjoyed this bonus video I love you guys to them in the
back and I will see you guys all on money in video bye guys I feel so close to
you right now it’s a force field I wear my heart upon my feet  

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