Industry: 5 Scope of Information System in

Industry: BPO
Organization: TransData


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Management Information System

Table of


Executive Summary                                                            3


Purpose of
Choosing Organization                                      4


Analyzing TransData
Without MIS                                        5


Scope of Information
System in TransData                            8


Analyzing TransData with
Information System                  

Center                                                                    10

Assistance                                                             11

Services                                                                      13

Impact of Management Information System on
TransData                                                                            15

Technical Approach                                                           

Behavior Approach                                                              17

Time/Space Collaboration and Social Tool Matrix

TransData                                                                            18

Ethical Issues of TransData                                               19

Recommendations for TransData                                        20
Executive Summary


The whole new world of doing business is by using
new technologies for managing and organizing. Business Processing Outsourcing
(BPO) is already a major industry all over the world. TransData started its
business back in 2003 with a goal to building long-term relationships with
their clients, to earn an adequate revenues and creating employment
opportunities for youth. TransData has built a reputation as a high quality,
performance driven, and relationship focused company in this industry. TransData
is cost effective outsourcing company having its support office in Lahore,
Pakistan, corporate office in New Jersey, United States of America and sales
office in London, United Kingdom. TransData have 800+ employees that have
undertaken and executed 200+ projects worldwide, with 20% growth annually.
TransData provide business functions based on customer related services such as
contact center, virtual assistance and IT services with the help of management
information system (MIS) to its local and international client. Without a
management information system TransData won’t be able to achieve the position they
have in the market right now. Technology, management and business process are
the key elements for TransData to run its business operations smoothly. TransData
is totally dependent on MIS for planning,
coordinating client based queries. Since so far TransData has forecast the role
of information system is very important in achieving the number one position in
the market. TransData has always been on the edge of adapting everyday
evolution in information technology to beat its competitors and to perpetuate
its positon in the market.

Purpose of Choosing Organization


Information technologies escalate the functions
of Business Process Outsourcing. BPO acts as an interface establishing
relationship between the company and client. Purpose of choosing TransData as
an organization because running business operations without MIS is not possible
for the company. All of the business process in TransData are manage through
MIS. As it operations is manage through a system there is always a roam of
improvement and growth for the organization.

We as a group we decide to choose an organization
which is totally dependent in running its operation through MIS. So we can
accelerate our knowledge over the course and have firm hold over our research
work. What we have studied so far in the course make us more curious to know
how MIS works practically in an organization. TransData is in a phase of
expanding its business operation analyzing it management information system
will be a key thing for us in our research project. How MIS has been helpful
for the organization and what improvement they need in MIS to be the number one
company in the business of BPO.


TransData Without MIS


Main business process of TransData are


Ø Contact

Ø Virtual

Ø IT Service


It’s very difficult for TransData to run its operations
effectively and efficiently without management information system.




As shown in the diagram above all
business process of TransData will be directly connected to its objectives and
goals only. Without MIS there will be no feedback, only input and output no
data management and communication to improve the system. Analyzation of
business processes without management information system are listed below.




Center Without Management Information System


It’s difficult to keep record of every
customer manually because of huge number of calls.

They record data in spread sheet due to
which data need to be mailed to other employee to access it, otherwise no one
can access it.

Maintain the data is not possible.

To find particular information is difficult.

Only mean of communication will be phone
calls or emails due to which customer are not always connected.

It will be not user friendly every time
customer has to give detail of service/complain. No comments available or
previous record.

Without MIS in call center there will be no
chance to expand their global presence.

Customer sales can’t be updated. Due to
which flow of information is slow which will affect the company overall

Agent availability will be a more concern
customer has to wait or have to drop the call, which will be affect the sales
and customer service based quires.


Assistant Without Management Information software


Lack of accuracy and personalization.

Lack of problem in training new employees.

Failing to scope out the tasks.

Real time commination won’t be possible with
the client, task getting delayed.

Follow-up on address questions and concern
won’t be possible instantly.

Total dependence will be on the agent,
failing to fulfil can result in loosing projects.

Sharing data quickly won’t be possible
without MIS.

Decision making will be affected.

Projects or quires won’t be able to
completed on deadlines.

More hard work instead of quick and smart


Services Without Management Information Software


Agents in the company won’t be having access
to one single database that holds all the data that will be needed in day to
day operations.

Employees in the organization will have to
spend more time doing productive tasks.

Quality of decisions making cannot be
improved in the company.

Without Management Information Systems
amount of paperwork will be more increased.

More redundant roles in completing the projects.

Strengths and weaknesses of the projects
cannot be determined.

Monitoring data and applications won’t be

Overall quality of services cannot be

Data storing cannot be protected without

Less customer satisfaction because lack in
commutations in real time.

Scope of Information System in TransData


Scope of MIS is very clear for
TransData. Through management information system they want to maintain and grow
their current position in the market. Organization, Technology and Management
help to define its scope within the organization dealing with internal and
external factors.



















Following are the things which they consider as their scope
in MIS.




Control of Cost
Through MIS.

Management information system assist TransData
to keep track of its resources and stay organized. MIS allows managers to make
different types of reports about the activities. How products or sold or
services being used and use reports to make future business decisions.


of Resources with The Help of MIS.

MIS help company to allocate its
resources properly. Through MIS TransData decided where resources should be
used in the production of services.


Focus On
More Important of Area and Competencies Through MIS.

Through MIS TransData reach effective
decisions. As MIS enhance the decisions making for them, they can focus more on
important area and competencies they are were facing.




Increase in
Efficiency by Implementing Latest MIS System.

Management information system is
vital for the development of business. Company operations can be improved by
implementing latest information system, their overall effectiveness, companies
adopt new management techniques with the goal of enhancing overall
decision-making processes, improve results and finally reduce costs.


Scaling of Operations.

MIS support TransData in fast scaling
their operation. Time required for scaling-up is reduced significantly through effective
MIS. Which provides data essential for service development and creating good
relation with its client. Therefore, it reduces the time in delivering the




Client Services.

MIS make TransData more effective and
efficient, which help them to create better relation with client as the
projects and service are completed within the time.


Reducing Culture
Barriers and Improving Work Environment.

With the help of MIS TransData is
able to reduce its culture barriers as most of the clients are in other
countries. Through MIS cultural is promoted and appreciated by all as medium of
communication is same which also had improved the work environment of the


TransData with Information System


TransData is totally depended on the
information system which they are using to run the operation of contact center,
virtual assistance and IT services. We’ll have a briefly describe how it work
and how it’s helpful for the organization.




Management information system that TransData use to run its
operations for the contact center are of 5 types:

Ø Automatic

(Automatic Call Distributor)

Ø CCMS (Call
Center Management System)

(Computer Telephony Integration)

(Interactive Voice Response)



Predictive dialer is computer based
system trying to foretell the number of free agents at the time who contact to
customers. It is used to make outbound calls. If the calls met with fax
machine, answering machine, busy signal or unanswered, the predictive dialer
ends the call. This increases productivity in TransData is because agent does
not have to wait for someone to pick up the call.


(Automatic Call Distributor)

ACD System is central component of
TransData. TransData use ACD to handle large volume of calls and transfer them
to designated answering position automatically. ACD software programming
feature screen, route and distribute calls to agent positions fast and
efficiently. All reports are of agent related to calls and performance are
taken from ACD system which helps managers to mark their performance. All
operations are monitored, tracked and analyzed through MIS reporting system.

CCMS (Call
Center Management System)

Call management system controls both
call and customer information. The key measures about call are captured by this
system such as call waiting time, length of call. This information is used to
monitor call center performance. When the call starts the information about
customer is started on this system.


(Computer Telephony Integration)

CTI combines customer information and
reflect on screen when call is connected. When call is ended, the information
of customer is closed on the screen of agent. It can be given deeper report
regarding to transactions by CTI like where the calls are routed, how long
calls queue, how long calls last, computer response time, providing of on
screen assistance.


(Interactive Voice Response)

IVR is a telephone interviewing
technique in which the human speaker is replaced by a high quality recorded
interactive script to which the respondent provides answers by pressing the key
of touch telephone. IVR doesn’t answer 100% of questions. 60% of the calls could
be handled by the agent. Interactive voice response can answer based on the customer’s
previous inclinations.




Management information system that TransData use to run it
operations for virtual assistance are of 5 types:

Ø Basecamp

Ø Dropbox


Ø Skype

Ø SweetProcess



Basecamp is a web-based project
management tool. Basecamp’s helps TransData track its projects and monitor its
current phases. Basecamp provide to-do lists, milestone management, forum-like
messaging, file sharing, and time tracking which help in managing the projects.


Dropbox is used by TransData to share
files with one another. Dropbox is a continually improving service with plenty
of features. File are added in Dropbox account, and can get a link to the file
and share it with client. It’s simple and easy to use. Documents synced with
Dropbox, one can share any file at any time without having to move it to a
special folder. It also serves as a great online backup system.

The app allows TransData to
start or join a session in just one quick click, right from the assistant
desktop. No downloading is necessary. With virtual assistance can get
connected with the whole team and with client.



Skype help agents to interact with
client face-to-face meeting. Use of skype application is very important for
TransData to communicate internally and externally for individual and small
group meetings. Conference call on Skype can help weekly management meeting
with client. With Skype, it’s almost like being in the same room together. One can
even record the session if you want to keep a copy of it.



Sweet Process is a web-based virtual
assistant software tool for documenting recurring procedures. It enables to
provide step-by-step instructions for the team, so they can replicate the
process and accomplish specific tasks.




Management information system that TransData use to run it
operations for IT services are of 3 types:

Ø Server

Ø Remote DBA

Ø Mobile App



TransData are specialist & provider
of sever management. TransData is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure
and technical support center. They render Server Management Services and
technical support for Linux and Windows Servers based on control panels such as
cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin & Virtualized Server Technology platform based
on SolusVM.


Remote DBA

TransData provide Remote DBA services
with an effective, affordable solution for client database management
challenges. DBA experts monitor, maintain, and protect critical data of client and
data stores providing best support possible. Core services which TransData include


·       Server

·       Administration
of backups and scheduled jobs

·       Proactive
data storage administration

·       Database
health management

·       Database
disaster recovery planning

·       Software
version upgrades & patches

·       Database
performance tuning

·       Health
Check analysis of performance and application issues

Mobile App

TransData provide mobile apps that
allow clients business to foster stronger relationships with their customers. TransData
deliver solutions not just the applications. TransData are specialized mobile
app developer, and they are ready to help their client to all extend. Developers
offer exclusive mobile application development services for all types of
operating systems, including iOS and Android.

Impact of Management Information System on TransData


Management information system has direct impact on TransData.
TransData use framework for describing and analyzing information system. The
framework composed of management, organization, and technology.


Business Challenges



Business Solutions

Information System





TransData faces business challenges like

Ø Agent
Recruitment and Retention

Ø Accurate
Reporting and Analytics

Ø Increasing
Customer Expectations

Ø Workforce

Management of
TransData make decisions and formulate actions plans to solve organizational
problems. Managers perceive business challenges and set strategies for
responding to those challenges and allocate human and financial resources to coordinate
the work and achieve success  


Organization of
TransData take resources from the environment and process them to produce output.
Organization transforms inputs into services in a production function.

Technology in TransData
decides to build and maintain information system accordingly. It emerges major
business area of innovations.

System is main components of TransData which collect, process, store
and distribute information to support decision making and control the
organization output. Activities which information system produce are decision, control
operations, and analyze problems to create new innovations.


Organization of TransData have a simple
structure, the upper level of hierarchy consists of senior management which
make decisions about the current operations and ensure to generate sufficient revenue
for the organization. Middle management carries out the plans of senior management
and operational management is responsible for all the daily activities of the


Technical Approach


Technical approach of TransData has always been helpful for
the organization to improve the capabilities of information system. Effective problem
solving through technical approaches helped so far in following quires:

Ø Identify
the problem

Ø How the
problem impacts the customer?

Ø Generate
possible solutions

Ø Plan the
implementation of the solution

Ø Implement
the solution

Ø Analyze the


Behavioral Approach


Behavioral approach for TransData plays important part in
developing long term relation with information system and with client as well.
Issues are mention below are major things which TransData consider as improving
Behavioral Approach:

Ø Keeping
details of client confidential

Ø Self-Evaluate
of agents

Ø Creating effort

Ø Creating familiarity

Ø Being specific
with the task

Ø Balancing feedback
bases on information system

Time/Space Collaboration and Social Tool Matrix of



Same Time                        Different Time









for TransData collaborating time and space


Same time/Same
place: Face to face meetings, decision rooms, whiteboards or the
local employees for training purposes and etc.


Same time/Different
place: Remote interactions, video conferencing. meetings among
mangers of different branches.


time/Same place: Continuous tasks, digital team rooms, project management.
Training session for morning and night shift agents.

time/Different place: Asynchronous communication and
coordination, workflow, project management tools. Coordinating with overseas


Ethical Issues of TransData


TransData is a fast-growing organization in the
telecommunications industry and their main focus is on time, resources and energy
on hiring and building up of operations. In this break-neck pace, TransData
neglect are the ethical norms and standards that they need to uphold. Ethical
Issues which TransData is facing are as follow:

Ø Not ensuring
employee safety, health and welfare.

Ø Shift-work-sleep

Ø No increment
of the salary.

Ø Social and
family life is disturbed.

Ø Frequent

Ø Not being courteous
and professional due to workload.

Ø Trust is
major concern for the client miss use to the information.

Ø Weak

Recommendations for TransData


Here are few recommendations for the company to attain number
one position in the market.


ü Treat the
employees with respect, compassion, and fairness.

ü Introduce
family benefit plans to reduce work and family conflict.

ü Get
Feedback on the workplace to assess and redesign the work atmosphere.

ü Ensure
stronger career path for the employees.

ü Ensure
growth opportunities within the company.

ü Encourage
the selection of more female employees since the attrition is higher in the
case of males.

ü Highly
salary packages for the employees according to their performance.

ü Introduce
performance- based bonus.

ü Make the
decision process transparent in the organization.

ü Age should
not be a barrier for training employees and could in fact bring in more
stability to the company.

ü Adopt
flexible working hours to reduce the problems associated with lengthy working

ü Understanding
employees and their needs on a personal basis will make managing them much

ü TransData
need to go in for a diverse workforce, which does not only mean race, gender
diversity, but also includes age, experience and perspectives. Diversity in
turn results in innovation and success.

ü Making sure
HRM practices with the one best in the industry.

ü Positive
work environment to see that each employee gets self-respect and dignity in the

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