S/No will be conducted/ arranged to orient


Activity Name

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Target Audiences



IEC Material Development

Information, Education &
Communications material in national language as well as in local/ regional
languages will be developed

Governments institutions, civil
society, local media, general public, target beneficiaries (where UNDP’s
projects are being implemented). It includes, posters, flyers, illustrations,


In each quarter


Meeting/ orientation sessions for

Number of meetings and orientations
sessions  will be conducted/ arranged
to orient them about SDGs overall scope of work and outcomes

Provincial government departments
such as PDMA, Education, agriculture, Planning department, Members of
Provincial Assembly, Baluchistan Chamber of Commerce, business and civil
society organisations  

Round the year


Campaign on Social Media

Content on  Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, YouTube   etc. elaborating/highlighting SDGs scope,
opportunities,  and the overall impact
of SDGs on economy, people’s life to be highlighted

Government institutions, donors,
civil society, youth, general public, target beneficiaries. Private sector

Round the year. Every month


Media Engagement

Rounds of meetings, exchange visits
in the UNDP operational areas will be conducted. Journalists will be briefed
about SDGs and their role for making SDGs successful in the region

Press Clubs including provincial
press club and all district press clubs, including media houses, local radio
and TV channels, cable operators will be focused.

Each month
1 meeting with each Press Club on


Youth engagement

Youth of the target area will be
engaged in different activities such as speech competitions, drawing
competitions at school, college level can be organized, through stalls UNDP
promotions will be enhanced

Schools, colleges, Universities,

Each month –cover all districts


Events/ Seminars/Workshops

Seminars, workshops on UN days, or
on other days can be conducted in which UNDP work and SDGs scope of work in
the province can be highlighted 

All stakeholders including
Government’s departments, universities, schools, colleges, women, general
public, local communities, donors, media

 As per plan of UN International Days or even
separately can be managed



Public Service Announcements  will eb made on radios, local TV channels ,
local newspapers, local cables

All stakeholders, women, girls,
local youth, government departments,

Round the year


TV/Radio programmes

Interviews of UNDP representative,
Message of UNRC, technical experts dealing with different SOs/ SDGs 1-17 will
be on aired

Youth, women, local target
communities, local stakeholders such as PDMA, Education, food, agriculture
and livelihoods departments etc and local leaders and MPAs.

10 Shows each year


Engaging bloggers/

Free services of writers can be
hired  who will write on different SOs
of SDGs relevant to poverty, zero hunger, education, democracy , livelihoods
climate change, building government’s institution capacity  etc

Youth, women, local target
communities, local stakeholders such as PDMA, Education, food, agriculture
and livelihoods departments etc and local leaders and MPAs.

Two writes up in each quarter


















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