Social society. With cell phones, the internet,

Social media and electronics are some of the
biggest problems today in society. Cause of the growth of social media in today’s
society teenagers have a lack of concentration, inadequate communication, obesity
and a far less intellectual society. With cell phones, the internet, video
games and television today makes it easier to take over the youth mindset in
society and corrupted them into unqualified, unimaginative dull robots.

Snapchat and Facebook are a tool used to drain the intelligence of teenagers
until they speak in instant messaging jargon. LOL, OMG and TTYL are just a few
that are corrupting teenagers today. Twitter is a mechanism for teenagers to
become hermits. How would they be hermits you might ask? Teenagers are always
in their rooms on their phones updating their statuses every minute. Television
and video games are sucking the imagination from children’s minds, their bodies
molded into the couch cushions and their eyes becoming plastered to a small pixel
screen. A calamity like this can be prevented by outlawing electronics and
social media completely. If humanity can wipe away everything with batteries,
plugs, and wires, people will become a more intellectual, responsive, exciting
species on earth.

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We can accomplish this with government support.

With help from the government social media and electronics can easily be wiped
away. With government support we can make laws that can outlaw social media and
any form of electronics. What would be outlawed or illegal to own are gaming
system, computers and of course phones. Also what we can do with batteries and
broken down parts is dump them into land fills or melt them down to be
repurposed. Those who are found carrying any form of electronics or social
media device like phones or mobile games will first be given a warning,
however, the next time that person is seen with any technology could lead death
or to life in prison. The banning of all social media and electronics would
cause less health problems and fewer accidents. The eye sight in children will
also increase since their eyes are not glued to a tiny screen and driving will
become a lot safer since we wont have to worry about those people on their
phone texting and driving. As well drivers wont have to worry about people
wondering into the street cause they where looking at their phone. The rate of
children’s obesity would crash down to acceptable levels why because without
televisions for children to watch as they stuff there face. With social media
gone people can laugh out loud or if they want to roll on the floor and laugh
they can without having to IM, tweet Snapchat, wall post or text message. We do
not need to LOL or ROFL anymore. Now for parents this is good news for you
because now your teenager will have to look at you when talking to them instead
of trying text or chat with someone else over the phone. This will allow
society’s youth to become far better communicators. There will no longer be the
need for girls to sneak into the bathroom to text their BFF about some cute boy
they like so much and there will be no more phone’s to distract students or
tempt them to slack off, instead they can focus more on there work and
lessoning to their teacher. Students will no longer have trouble solving simple
math problems like eighty-one divided by nine equals nine or use spark notes to
answer questions that could have been answered in class if they where off their

are many more ways to solve this problem that society has simple just over
looked. One way to do this is teaching students how to solve everyday problems
weather it be Math or English without cell phones, the Internet and
calculators. We can also raise the price of the most popular device like phones
even though there not that useful or have schools completely ban the use of
electronics or enforce better rules. These are simple solution that can
successful solve these problems however, they are not acceptable in our busy society.

By getting reed of social media and all electronics we can create a thriving
society. But we need to hurry if we want to save the next generation of adults.

Just look around you can see the youth of today always on there phones, iPods,
Twitter or Facebook always updating there statist. You have two choices either
fall victim to the monstrous electronics and social media and become a mindless
zombie or you can give up your televisions, computers, iPads and delete all
your social media accounts. Well I G2G, TTYL!

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