The United States of America Since the

The United States of America

            Since the becoming of our country, there have been many different people and events that have to lead us to where we are today. However, there are certain points throughout this course that has stuck with me in being a turning point in our nation. G1 G2 The four events I found most influential in this U.S. History course are the election of 1828, the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania, the slave resistance lead by Harriet Tubman, and the War of 1812.G3 

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 First, the election of 1828G4  was a significant part of U.S. History, Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams to become President of the United States.G5  He overcame many obstacles presented by Adams during this process. This victory for Jackson marked the success of a new national party system. Andrew Jackson was a democratic man who wanted representation and reform from John Quincy Adams’ and he also projected patriotism. Anyways, the significance of Andrew Jackson was how he related to the “common man.” He was the first President from the west and carried many of those characteristics into office with him. He was seen as a heroic figure in his defeat of British in the Battle of New Orleans. Because of these characteristics and his tough, violent personality he was said to be a “common man” himself. In fact, Andrew Jackson gained the nickname “Old Hickory,” because of his fierce personality and the toughness that came with him. He believed in the strength of the Union and the authority of the federal G6 government over state government. To conclude, this election changed the way Americans viewed their President during this time. G7 G8 

            Second, the Whiskey Rebellion is another event that is a significant part of U.S. History. The rebellion started because farmers refused to pay a federal tax, led by Alexander Hamilton on whiskey. Therefore, the farmers, a group of five hundred men, in Pennsylvania came together and started a riot killing several federal officers who tried to arrest them and burning down the house of the federal tax collector. However, in August of 1794 the U.S. Army led byG9  President George Washington, put down the rebellion. He did so by intimidating farmers to surrender and capturing twenty of the farmers who vanished when he cameG10 . This incident showed the new government under the U.S. Constitution could react swiftly and effectively to any problem that would occur. This action gained the people’s respect and strength in the government at the time. In contrast, this proved the government was correct in reforming the Articles of Confederation after Shay’s Rebellion. To conclude, the U.S. Constitution is the base, the guide, of our government today. G11 

            Third, the slave resistance led by Harriet Tubman is another significate part of U.S. History. First, actual slave revolts were rare, for the fear of being killed. For the most part, resistance took a different path. For example, some slaves would run away, deny their master, or refuse to do their work. However, Harriet Tubman was a special woman who had another way of helping slaves become free. She helped in the creation of the Underground Railroad which was a vast system of secret routes she created during her time of being enslaved. In the secret routes, there were concealed runaways that put them on a path towards freedom, usually over the Canadian border. In the time frame of 1810 through 1850, she assisted three hundred slaves to freedom. She came back, risking everything, nineteen times to help free slaves to the north. ThisG12  to me shows the resilience of Harriet Tubman and the desire of the Northerners wanting to fight for slave’s freedom. To conclude, Harriet Tubman was an important figure in history and will never be forgotten for her heroics.G13 

 Last, the War of 1812 was another significant aspect of U.S. History. G14 The main reason the war was fought between the Americans and the British because of Britain’s attempt to attack our naval ships. Therefore, President Madison declared war on Britain because of the neutral shipping rights and the belief the British were inciting the Native Americans to attack the frontier settlements. The British armed forces tripled the number of troops they had in comparison to the U.S. The British attacked the United States through Canada and eventually made it to the capital which they burned to the ground. However, the United States was able to minimize the damage and defeat the British in the Battle of Yorktown where General Cornwallis surrender. The turning point of the war was during the Battle of Saratoga where the United States forces gained France as an ally. The significance of this war was the United States regained their independence they already had.  The war was ended by the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, where it stated all lost land must be returned to the original owner, it ended in a draw

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