Alexander is that McQueen is also heavily

McQueen might be known to you as a fashion designer. Quintessentially he is
exactly that, yet it you zero in closer into his work, it becomes an intricate
fabric of concepts, expertly drafted plots and storyboards that culminate in a
story that his emissions tell. Viewed from this angle, McQueen’s oeuvre has
qualities of cinematic proportions informed by his idiosyncratic worldview full
of drama and extremes.

The book
succeeds in documenting the career and work of a man who set out to incorporate
and pay references to the past and tradition, challenge the status quo of what
was perceived possible and acceptable and pave the way to future with
innovations – expression through fashion.

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Ever the
champion of spontaneity, freedom of expression, creativity yet never losing
precision out of sight, the romantic and Victorian gothic eras and their
signature styles are omnipresent and form the red thread that is weaves through
McQueen’s career.

What the
book revealed to me as a novum, is that McQueen is also heavily inspired by his
Scottish heritage to which some of his collections can be understood to be more
than merely homage. What makes it interesting is the balance he strikes –
paying respect yet being tongue in cheek and throwing bringing irony in for
good measure.

country that has had massive impact on his approach to tailoring is Japan,
which is becomes blatantly evident as you peruse the pieces, which often
juxtapose traditional features from different countries to achieve the desired

some of his works is intricately ornate, primitivism plays a major role in his
approach as well as the principles of technology and mechanism that underpin
the workings of nature – seemingly contradictory lanes that form a mélange that
make his work what it is renowned for and vital to spawn the yarn he spins for
his narrative.

The book
comes with a cover feature that the attached depiction won’t be able to do
justice in the slightest and will only unfold its savage beauty if you hold it
in your hands and play with it.

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