analyze now the VOE 7 glass is

analyze the entirety approximately Vivo V7 PlusMeet the vivo v7 plus that has recentlylost in India and guarantees to be acracker of a cellphone.but is it wefind out now the vivo v7 elegance is a1smartphone that is the today’s entrant inthe vivo family the chinese language tech organization makes use of a complete view show in this device.Which might remind you of the SamsungGalaxy s8 SK plus Samsung Galaxy note eightng g 6s dq6 and even the Micromax canvas infinity.Now this display is remarkable shiny and gives you extraordinary viewing angles and ifyou want watching movies then this phone is for you currently this phone alsocomes with a cut up display screen view that istrue if you want multitasking andworking on two apps on the equal time now the VOE 7 glass is a steel unibodytelephone that incorporates a complete viewshow and the layout aesthetics ofthis phone is just incredible additionally this device gives you a very top class andan upmarket feel. Now out of the field the v7 plus runs on Android 7.1.2 and on pinnacleof that they placed their very own amusing touch OS. Now that a laugh touch OS isn’t always a terrifictouch OS however we’re going to speak about that laterin this evaluation. Now on paper this smartphonecomes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that isn’t always a very excessive endprocessor and is coupled with 4gb of RAMhowever the processor does justice to the overall functioning of this tool andit is very well optimized with the whole user enjoy that this partcellphone has to offer now speaking about that fun touch working device on pinnacle of Android new pass well it is a superb and a terrible thing in a manner as it appearsvery much like what the iOS working machine on an apple – is even the iconsare somewhere derived from the iOSthe control center is likewise very iOS like and the digicam app in this one isvery similar to the digital camera app which you get on an iPhone I suggest come on vivo youcould have been a little original over right here with the Wemo v7 class now whatoccurs with that a laugh touch OS looking very much like the iOS.

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