By-Pragati an array of CPG industry brands.

By-Pragati Agarwal

There is an elevated interest in natural food products nowadays, while the dependable food suppliers and fresh food brokers are striving keeping grocery shop shelves stocked with fresh and naturally grown food products.  A food broker is basically a sales agent who represents food brands and offers a collaborative approach in the journey to placement on retailers’ shelves. In this way, these people help a grocer or marketer get products in more competitive food retail environment and CPG industry.

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Impact Group is the most recognized and dynamic grocery broker in the CPG industry.  With its dedicated team and different locations in the United States, Impact Group provides exceptional food or CPG brokers representation for a plethora of products from an array of CPG industry brands. It offers personalized and comprehensive solutions for connecting clients with several valued retailers. The company believes in building long-term relationship with its clients and assists them in achieving their business goals.

Listed below are some services offered by Impact Group:

·         Marketing Services: Impact Group offers a comprehensive range of marketing services along with personalized sales and marketing agency. Availing their services help food retailers to go extra mile while bring their brands to the next level of the CPG industry. Moreover, the company also assists in retailer marketing navigation with several myriad options that complements to maximize the effectiveness of their set marketing budget.

·         Trade & Deduction Management: Impact Group and its deduction management team possess a vast experience on different software deduction software programs such as Carixa, Blue Planner, Siebel, Sales force and many more names. With dedicated claims analysts, perfect timeliness rate and remarkable portable management; it has won countless “best in class” awards and recognition across the industry.

·         Sourcing Solutions: Impact Group boasts a vast year of experience in product sourcing for organic, multicultural and sustainable products that exceed today’s quickly changing demands and tastes of consumers. It is specialized in offering services for development of store brands and also offers sourcing solutions for niche branded products. Impact Group has delivered consolidation, ordering and distribution solutions for its valued retail and CPG partners. Availing its sourcing solutions is the best way to maximize sale potential in the CPG marketing industry, while it is an easy step to minimize inventory investment.

Apart from the aforementioned services, Impact Group also provides 4% error free invoicing and 24/7 services to its clients. Also, Impact Group and its dedicated team benefit its clients with constant cleansing and maintenance in order to ensure quality as well as integrity. The team of Impact Group is dedicated to help its client’s brands with exceptional services in the CPG industry.

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