Imagine to jail and paying fines cause

this scenario: You are in a bar with some best friends. Everybody is drinking,
laughing, and enjoying themselves.  After
several rounds of drinks, you tell your friends you will drive home, and they
don’t stop you. You grab your keys, shakely attempt to put them into the key
slot ignition. Then, you slowly start to drive. As you think you are driving
“normally”,  a police car approaches
behind your car and asks signals to pull over. After minutes of trying to slow
down the car, you get asked to step outside vehicle. The cop is fully aware
that you have been drinking so he tells you to breathe into a breathalyzer
tube. You’re blood alcohol count is higher than 0.008 % so you get fined, and
booked into jail. In retrospect, do you think it was worth going to jail and
paying fines cause you drove drunk?

Driving drunk is a prevalent problem
in the world. Everyday, about 30 people in the United States die from alcohol
induced crashes. The simple but deadly act involves driving under the influence
of alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant that results in slurred speech, slow
judgment, and hazy coordination. These
abilities are crucial in order to properly operate a car. Individuals who drink
past a  blood alcohol content 0.08
percent or higher cannot legally drive a car.

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The causes of drunk driving vary
from person to person. Many younger individuals drink for social interaction
purposes. They strive to feel included and confident in parties. Another
cause  for older individuals could be
stress. Commonly its pertaining to a job, family and school. Many individual
drink to forget one’s troubles regarding an issue.

After consuming alcohol, ones
judgment and  motor abilities are
slowered. Thus, increasing the duration the brain performs a task. For
instance,  instead of taking one second
to change the radio station, that action could take 5-10 seconds which, could
result in a fatal crash. Studies indicate that the consumption of alcohol
reduces the cognitive functions of the brain by an approximate 10-30% (Knox,
11).The majority of the drunk drivers are typically male. Car crashes are the
leading cause of death among teenagers in the U.S. Drunk driving cost the U.S
$132 billion a year. In 2015, 10, 265 people died in alcohol impaired driving

            In general, driving drunk has a lot
of  deadly consequences. It reduces ones
cognitive abilities and muscle movements. One wrong move while driving, and you
could end up in a hospital. The short term effects of drinking can include
blackouts, vomiting and headaches. Similarly, the long term effects are liver
disease, ulcers, and malnutrition. They both temporary pause the bodies normal
processing production.

consequences of drunk driving include fines, recall of driver license, and
possibly jail time. Depending on the severity of the situation, the police
officer could retract the driving license. Be responsible, and don’t drink and
drive. The long term effects of alcohol on the body aren’t worth the temporary
satisfaction you get for a while. Always have a designated driver. Its better
to over plan than get into a car when you are buzzed. You could end somebody’s
life, or yours that day.






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