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Tim Ho Wan is a Chinese dim sum restaurant chain outlet which originated from Hong Kong. It started off as a humble ‘hole-in-the-wall’ eater in Hong Kong. This restaurant is awarded a Michelin-star and is also one of the first few restaurants that had received the award. Currently, it has several branches all over Singapore and the first branch wasopened at Plaza Singapura. The theme of the restaurant was based on the concept of fast-casual dining. Tim Ho Wan offers one of the best Chinese cuisine in Singapore, serving a mouthwatering collection of Dim Sum dishes which are suitable for all occasions, be it group gatherings or family occasions. From tasty congees to steamed dumplings and delicious noodles, its extensive menu is bound to satisfy every palate. Dim sum served are delectably fresh and tasty as they are not pre-steamed and then reheated but are made-to-order so as to retain the dim sum flavour and texture. The operating hours of the outlet at Plaza Singapura opens from 10am to 10pm.  Need to include this?2.2.2. Yum Cha Yum Cha Restaurant first opened its doors in the heart of Chinatown in 2000 with the aim of bringing back the dim sum tea house concept in a shophouse setting. Yum Cha literally means “to drink tea” and it describes the act of drinking tea whether it be in the morning or more commonly in the late afternoon. With the same original theme at Chinatown, the branch at Changi Business Park used the same marble tabletops and solid teak chairs. The usage of red colour and concrete walls help to keep the ambience contemporary and inviting. Customers can also enjoy traditional Hong Kong roast meats along with their dim sum. An embodiment of the very essence, taste and character, Yum Cha continues to be a popular icon in Singapore. Yum Cha Restaurants have also extended their menu to include favourite local items and seafood dishes. 2.2.3. Swee Choon Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant is one of Singapore’s oldest established dim sum restaurants with almost 50 years of heritage. It was originally a single unit shophouse at Jalan Besar but has since expanded the business from a single unit to a 4 units connecting shop-house which even has tables provided in the back alley. The operating hours of Swee Choon are 11AM–2:30 PM and 6PM–6AM. Swee Choon provides air-conditioned dining as well as alfresco dining in the back alley. At Swee Choon, customers can enjoy and savour a wide variety of Hong Kong, Shanghai dim sum and local Zi Char dishes. The restaurant also showcases the process of La Mian-making by professional La Mian chefs from China. Customers can place their orders and witness their La Mian being made before their eyes. Swee Choon is a popular restaurant among the locals, midnight supper-goers, expatriates, tourists, and even among many celebrities. 

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