Arpak Guitar, but Ouds are fretless; and


Arpak Rzgar                                                                                    
 BMS – UG1 – Section 1                                                            
 English Composition                                                                 Zakarya Khezeran                                                                           
 23rd Jan, 2018


instruments are the instruments created to make musical sounds by playing the
musical notes, which we have 7 tones; we also have half tones and quarter tones
(which are only played in the middle eastern melodies). Although some
instruments like violin and cello are made in the west, they can still play
quarter tones, but only when playing middle eastern music. History of musical
instruments goes back to forty – thousand years. The first musical instrument
was flute, they made it from bones of birds. There are three main types of
musical instruments which are (strings, woodwinds, and keyboards).

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instruments, which are also called chordophones, are instruments that make
sound from vibrating the strings by the performer. Guitar is an example of
stringed instruments, which only have standard full tones and half tones.
History of Guitar, goes back to more than four – thousand years. Actually, we
can call Guitar a newer version or a development of the instrument Oud, which
is similar to Guitar, but Ouds are fretless; and that development was made by
the Spanish people. Classical Guitar or Nylon – stringed Guitars, Acoustic
Guitar, and Electric Guitars are types of Guitar. Guitar’s most important role
in the bands, is to play the Chords of the melodies or the songs. Chords are three
notes playing together by the rhythm of the melody or the song. Chords have major,
minor, and seventh chords, which those are played depending on the melody’s scale
and each tone has its own major, minor, and seventh chord.

family instruments are a group of musical instruments which make sounds from
vibration by blowing the mouthpiece hole. Flutes and reed instruments are two
main categories of the woodwind family. They are only differentiated by the way
how they produce sounds. Making woodwind instruments from wood is not
necessary, woodwind instruments can also be made from materials like, cane,
brass, and silver, and some other types of metals like platinum and gold. A Flute
is an example of the woodwind family of the musical instruments. Flute was made
more than forty – thousand years ago, as mentioned in the introduction.

family Include the instruments which are played by pressing the keys on the
instruments, such as organ, accordion, and some electrical keyboards like,
keytar, midi, and a synthesizer. Piano is common between Keyboard family and
the strings family. Piano produces sound by pressing the keys, which the keys
are connected to a presser which is like a hammer that hits the strings so that
they vibrate and let the sound out of the piano. Electric keyboards can not
always be called within the keyboard family, because they do not produce their
own special sounds. They are electrical instruments which are programmed by
computer to produce the sound of other instruments. History of Electrical
Keyboards is not old. Keytars and midis cannot be played without a computer.
They are just keyboard which help you to play the musical sounds on a computer
studio program. Synthesizers and professional arrangers are already programmed
and have their own speaker to let the sounds out without the help of any
computers or any other speakers. Now days professional arrangers are also
called one – man band instruments, because they can make several musical sounds

People knew
about music before the invention of the musical sounds. People knew about music
from the sound of the nature and the birds. Music was played by whistling and
clapping by their hands before the invention of musical instruments. Rhythms
can be played any hard things like tables and doors made from wood, but does
not make a good performance. Although people could produce musical sounds
without instruments, but the creation of musical instruments was a very great,
useful, and helpful invention for humanity.



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