Mammoth now considered one the world’s largest

Mammoth Cave When I first started researching Mammoth Cave, I thought it would be just another National Park with no redeeming qualities, but I was wrong. First of all, Mammoth Cave is very old and really interesting. It is so much more than just another National Park. I will get into greater detail throughout the paper but I would like to firstly point out that it is worthy of being a National Park.Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest known cave system in the world with over 400 miles of cave explored. Mammoth Cave became a National Park in 1926 and was not completely established until 1941.On September 26th,1990, the park became an International Biosphere Reserve. In 1981, Mammoth cave was named a world heritage site by UNESCO. Mammoth Cave was established in order to protect the seemingly endless cave beneath. Mammoth Cave was naturally made 280,000,000 years ago causing earth’s surface to rise and twist. This made cracks in the limestone which created what it is today. Mammoth Cave has been used for over 4,000 years by Kentucky’s original occupants. The evidence collected suggests that natives only went 20 miles into the cave. Quoting Stephen Bishop: “The cave is a grand, gloomy, and peculiar place” and so Mammoth Cave is now considered one the world’s largest haunts. There are over 130 species of animal in Mammoth Cave. 70 of those species are endangered or threatened. Houses a variety of Troglobites, Troglophiles, and Trogloxenes. Troglobites are animals that cannot survive outside of caves. Examples of Mammoth Cave being: The Eyeless Cave Fish, Cave Cricket, and Cave Fly.Powers 2Troglophiles are animals that can live outside of caves but have to be in a cave-like environment. Mammoth Cave examples being: The Cave Crayfish, Springfish, and Sculpin. Trogloxenes are animals are animals that need caves for hibernation or shelter but regularly leave the cave for food. Mammoth Cave examples being: Pack Rats, Bats, and Cave Crickets. Wild Turkeys were reintroduced to the park in 1983 and are now seen regularly by tourists. There are so many bats in Mammoth Cave, That it works like natural insecticide. People who go into Mammoth Cave will most likely not be harassed by flies or mosquitos. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 1500 species of flowering plants at 500000 acres and Mammoth cave has 1300 species at 1 tenth that acreage. 25 of the species of plants are endangered. There are 84 species of tree in Mammoth Cave. In late February and early March there are over 60 species of herbaceous flowers in bloom in Mammoth Cave. There are 300 acres of forest in Mammoth Cave. There are 5 different forests in Mammoth Cave. There are 17 types of plant supporting communities in Mammoth Cave. 45% of the park was used as agriculture before the park was established. In conclusion, Mammoth Cave is worthy of National Park and world heritage status. It is also worth saving because Mammoth Cave is unique and important. I also found it amazing that it only has 200 less species of plant than a National Park that is te times its size. Mammoth Cave is home to a large variety of animals and plants, plus it is the longest known cave system in the world and is 280 million years old. Thank you for reading this paper on Mammoth Cave National Park.

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