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Steel manufacturing sector has been experiencing a whopping rise in the production of steel over the past decades due to ever-increasing demand from automobile, construction, defence, railway and other sectors. No doubt, this consistent boom in the steel industry is owing to the infrastructural development all around the world. Using the best practices and in-house technologies are the only way for steel plants now to cope up with their expanded production and intense manufacturing processes. ERP is one such technology widely adopted by steel manufacturing units that enable them to integrate supply chain activities, foster transparency and augment sales with higher productivity and efficient handling of procurement. Here’s the quick glance at the prime benefits conferred by Steel manufacturing ERP solutions to both small and large-sized units. #1 Ease the management of processesAs the demand for steel grows, the production and operations become more complex for the individual plants given their fixed resources. An ERP software mechanises the major processes involved in manufacturing, providing actual time and precise information about everything, from market scenario to in-house operations. By navigating the complex processes, debarring data re-entry, quickening order completion and delivery time, it helps in increasing the efficiency of the plant.  #2 Commendable reductions in Costs A practical and efficient ERP system helps the steel manufacturing plants to significantly reduce their overall costs of operations. This is primarily because the manual processes are easily getting replaced by automated and less time taking processes with the available real-time information. #3 Support for product variationsThe steel grades have been improving over the years. The age-old steel rods/bars made from plain steel got replaced by ribbed ones which are thermo-mechanically treated to bear more strength. Subsequently, the change of the steel grades implies the change in the configuration of raw material and other processes. A custom-made ERP will help the floor manager to design or modify the components automatically based on the orders and handle processes until the finished good production. #4 Help respond quickly to market conditionsFor catering to the demands of increasing number of consumers in automobiles, heavy equipment and construction industries, quick forecasts of market trends and real-time data on demands is an essential requirement. ERP software assists in trend analysis and preparing predictive models for requirements study. No, doubt, this helps the manufacturing units to estimate, plan, produce, adjust and respond their production according to the altering market requirements. #5 Provides an integrated system for managementOne major benefit of ERP deployment in an intensive steel manufacturing unit is that it brings a highly integrated IT model which supports everything including raw material procurement, order shipments, data processing and sharing, inventory,  sales and accounting. In other words, ERP offers a centralised framework for the management of all processes involved in manufacturing. While it is a real challenge for steel manufacturers to fulfil the towering demand for steel, process automation in manufacturing has become the need of the hour and ERP comes as a one-stop solution for same.  Using the right software solution from the right partner, you can create your own integrated database and information hub for streamlining processes and satiating the high demand for quality steel products.Author bio: Santanu Das is the Business Development at Envertis Software Solutions,  a preeminent ERP solutions provider in India that has been empowering businesses in all fields with Odoo ERP customised solutions. Being the ready Odoo partner, it deploys the advanced modules and technicalities of the framework to give befitting solutions to their clients.

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